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Gail Welch - Jun 11, 2012
Hi Colleen and you are welcome!
Betty, I'll be looking forward to your recipes. I know you are going to love JAP. There are so many wonderful recipes and people here!
Betty Ling - Jun 11, 2012
Gail I loved the cookies, makes me want a big glass of milk!!! I just came into this so I don't have anything prepared yet,, but give me time, this looks like it will be fun!!
Colleen Sowa - Jun 11, 2012
Hi Gail! Love the book.... great collection of recipes! Thanks so much for including my recipe! xo
Gail Welch - Jun 11, 2012
You're welcome, Ladies. I'm looking forward to trying your recipes. Yummy, yummy for my tummy!
FREDA GABLE - Jun 11, 2012
Thanks Gail, Love all these Cookies, all in one Fantastic Collection. Nice job!!!!
Thanks for adding so many of Mine to your Book. . . Hugs.
Phyllis Lively - Jun 11, 2012
Gail, your Cookie Jar cookbook is wonderful! I'm honored that you included my TEXAS PAN COOKIE ~ from one Texas gal to another, thank you!
Kimi Gaines - Jun 11, 2012
Gail this recipe took me 30 years to get. It was my mother in laws recipe and finally got it from Holly's husband. Holly is my mother in laws daughter. It is the best sugar cookie I have ever tasted.
Julia Ferguson - Jun 11, 2012
Gail, Very nice cookbook, thanks for using one of my recipes. Loved it.