Lisa's Book of Treasures

Lisa's Book of Treasures
Created August 2012

Zelda Hopkins
By Zelda Hopkins @Zelda51
Lovingly Compiled by Zelda Hopkins for my Granddaughter Lisa Ryan. There are no words to express to you the love that I have for you. You may be only my Granddaughter by words but in my heart you will always be my true flesh and blood Granddaughter. I love you more than I can express but always remember that no matter the road of difficulty you will always have some one to stand behind you. I love you.

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Zelda Hopkins - Aug 13, 2012
Thank you all for your comments, I hope she like it too.
Diana Newton - Aug 12, 2012
Very lovely, Zelda. Thank you for sharing with us all and 'howdy' neighbor, too. I enjoy your recipes and know that your Gdaughter will cherish this gift from you, as well. Diana
Rose Mary Mogan - Aug 9, 2012
Not to worry she will love it, and think of you every time she makes something from it. You are a very thoughtful Grandma.
Zelda Hopkins - Aug 9, 2012
I am so glad you like it, I hope she likes it.
Rose Mary Mogan - Aug 9, 2012
What a wonderful gift to give to your Grand daughter Zelda. A cookbook of many of your favorite recipes, that I am sure she loves. Great idea. That is a great keepsake that I am sure she will forever treasure. Great recipes.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Aug 9, 2012
What a thoughtful cookbook..
It is wonderful.
Thanks for sharing...