50 ARKANSAS Recipes

50 ARKANSAS Recipes
Created May 2012

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
#4---Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy Patrykus [Finnjin]
Hot Springs bubble in the ozarks.
Canvas back or mallards honking for
passage along the Mississippi flyway.
Gum cypress,hickory and pine,
in the forests of Ouachita.
Prospectors digging
mid Murfreesboro sandstone
highlands can keep any diamond he finds--
but only up to five carats.

Cover map from: WWW.infoplease.com/states.html
Arizona intro from:
Womans Day, Encyclopedia of Cookery Vol.#1

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Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 9, 2013
I think I missed this cookbook with all of these great recipes. There are even 3 or 4 of mine included. There are many other great recipes inside also. I like it now that if you click on a certain recipe and the recipe has been included in a cookbook, it lets you know, and you can click on the cookbook and it also list all of the recipes that are in the book. I think that is a brilliant idea.

Now if I can just get enough money together to order all of the books I want. Smile. Great Job Ma, as usual on all of the Arkansas Recipes.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jun 26, 2012
Every recipe you publish on JAP...belongs to JAP....They even have the publishing rights.
it means...you can never publish a cookbook elsewhere
your recipe on JAP...belongs to them..
Thats what I am told...
For info...read the fine print on rules on JAP
This is one way they can pay for this site.

Peggi Anne Tebben - Jun 25, 2012
Bummer! :(
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jun 25, 2012
PEGGY....We who put togeher cookbooks...
Do not reap any money from sales....... all goes to JAP.
I can't even find out how many of my cookbooks are sold...!
Oh well ..it's fun....LOL
Nancy 6/25/12
Peggi Anne Tebben - Jun 25, 2012
Wow, you are really on a roll Nancy! I hope JAP pays. You well !! LOL!
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jun 25, 2012
Thanks Peggi, I loved you f4ried cabbage!!!
That was in cookbook ARKANSAS...#4
I am working on cookbook ...... # 37 today!!!
Hugs, Nancy 6/26/12
Peggi Anne Tebben - Jun 25, 2012
Nancy, great selection of recipes! Thanks for including my SOUTHERN FRIED CABBAGE & STUFFED SPAGHETTI SQUASH recipes in your book. Funny, cause I am originally from OK & AR. that's where I got the cabbage recipe!
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 30, 2012
WOW ! such praise from you..HUGS....
Gail Welch - May 30, 2012
Thanks, for making me hungry, Nancy. lol Wonderful collection!
Rose Selvar - May 29, 2012
Your first recipe is from my friend, Cin...She is a great cook and that recipe sure looks delish... Gotta go back for more. It's 11:12 p.m. and I should be in bed; but I gotta finish READING this ARKANSAS Cookbook first...love ya, Ma. 5/29/12
Rose Selvar - May 29, 2012
I forgot to tell you, Ma, that I like the idea of having the picture of the State on the cover of each cookbook. Now, I
must look inside this one...5/29/12
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 28, 2012
YEP! looks like..Thanks for the comment
Kim Biegacki - May 28, 2012
Nancy, looks like Arkansas has some great recipes!