Plain Jane Recipes

Plain Jane Recipes
Created November 2011

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch @sugarshack
Easy, Basic Recipes -Simple yet Delicious!

Dedicated to my granddaughter, Keira, who is carrying on our family traditions with her love of cooking.
Lovingly Compiled by
Gail Welch [Nana]

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Gail Welch - Dec 1, 2011
That is wonderful, Kathy. It never too late! I love retirement and spending time with my family. Everything else seems to pale in comparison.
Kathy Sterling - Dec 1, 2011
Gail, I have 4 grand children and they all look forward to coming to my house to cook. They plan what they want to make next time they are visitng. I was so busy building a career when my 2 daughters were growing up that I tell everyone the only thing I taught them to make was "reservations". LOL.

I am trying to correct that error with their special times.
Gail Welch - Nov 30, 2011
Thanks Kathy. I am so proud of my little granddaughter. She gets very excited about cooking. I know that she will be very happy to see her name in "print." It was my pleasure to include your recipe.
Kathy Sterling - Nov 30, 2011
How wonderful that you put this together for your granddaughter, I know she will treasure it. There are some great, simple dishes in here, I am looking forward to trying some too. Thanks for including one of my family's easy, fun recipes.
Gail Welch - Nov 29, 2011
Thank you Lillian and you are welcome!
Lillian Stryczek - Nov 29, 2011
Hi Gail,
Nice work on the cookbook!
A sweet and simple gift for
a new cook or a bride this Christmas.
Thank you for including my recipe.
God bless you !
Gail Welch - Nov 28, 2011
Thanks, Karla!
Karla Everett - Nov 28, 2011
Hi Gail , really nice cookbook. :D
Gail Welch - Nov 28, 2011
Thanks, Melissa and may God Bless You, too!
Melissa Williamson - Nov 28, 2011
Gail, it is a great book! Thank you for including my recipe. God Bless You!
Gail Welch - Nov 28, 2011
Thank you so much, Colleen. I tried to select recipes that I thought she would enjoy.
Colleen Sowa - Nov 27, 2011
Hi Gail! What a nice cookbook for your granddaughter Keira to have! Thank you for including my recipe... I am honored! xo