Desserts Galore Volume 1

Desserts Galore Volume 1
Created September 2013

Lori Borgmann
By Lori Borgmann @loborobi72
Lovingly Compiled by
Lori Borgmann - Reimers
This is dedicated to my mom
Karen Borgmann,
my grandma Helen Pesek,
and my great-grandma Mamie Klapal. You three taught me all I know about cooking and baking. I love you and miss you very much! One day we will all be making Kolaches together again!!

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Lori Borgmann - Sep 29, 2013
Thanks Joanne, Sheila, Patsy, Linda, Crystal and everyone else who shared wonderful recipes on JAP!! I love to cook, but baking desserts is by far my favorite! I'm glad that all of you were kind enough to share them so I could put them in my cookbook! More volumes on desserts are coming soon! Stay tuned! :0)
Crystal Wilkinson - Sep 27, 2013
Thanks for putting me in your cookbook!
LINDA BAILEY - Sep 26, 2013
Thanks for putting my recipe in your cook book.
Patsy Fowler - Sep 26, 2013
Thanks for including my recipe in your cookbook. I like the cookbook real well it has a lot of great recipes.
Sheila M - Sep 26, 2013
Thank you for including 2 of my recipes in your cookbook!
Joanne Sarver - Sep 26, 2013
Thanks for including my recipe in your cookbook.