Homemade Seasoning Mix's

Homemade Seasoning Mix's
Created May 2016

Annacia *
By Annacia * @Annacia
Lovingly Compiled by
Annacia * [Annacia]

This is a compilation of seasonings used around the world. Hot and spicy or sweet and mild there is something that your sure to love.

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Mikekey * - over a year ago
Great cookbook. Your homemade spice mixes are always great.
Annacia * - over a year ago
Thank you AR. I think that you'll they are fresher and have a nicer taste as well. I hope that you'll find some new favorites too.

A R Caswell - over a year ago
Love this compilation of GREAT blends! Thanks so much for doing the hard part for me! I am so anxious to try several of the brand name versions, as there are many that are on my spice shelf and seemingly stay on my grocery list all the time. I am one of those who feel guilty about throwing anything away, especially a plastic spice container. I am always saying to myself, "One day I will find a way to refill this". Now I can! *And $ave money, too.