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Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 20, 2012
Thanks Gaynel..
I appreciate all your comments my friend.
Thanks again!!!...Hugs, nancy
gaynel mohler - Jul 20, 2012
What a lovely, informative, splendid cookbook. Seafood is so expensive and alot of folks don't realize how delicate it is in the cooking process.
Thanks for including my clam pie recipe.
Putting up a prayer for your day Stormy, things will work out.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 20, 2012
My dear...hang in..I know you are a very strong person..
My prayers are with you...XXXOOO
I have often been told...
You have to believe it !
"This to will pass".....Hugs, nancy
Stormy Stewart - Jul 20, 2012
Man I would love to be there also, I am finding things here dificult. Enough said. I most likely will not be on much today.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 20, 2012
Stormy....I think we have the same tastes.......
All 4 cookbooks...on produce from the sea,
I would love to cook them all!!!.
I seen 3 , I would like to start with today.........
I have the ingredients here at home......
You are invited!
Stormy Stewart - Jul 19, 2012
I will have one of each please