Simply Delicious Recipes!!

Simply Delicious Recipes!!
Created December 2011

Karla Everett
By Karla Everett @Karla59
Here are some delicious recipes fit for any table to warm your soul and belly.

Lovingly Compiled by
Karla Everett

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Karla Everett - Dec 29, 2011
Melissa , thank you and your very welcome! :D
Lisa Johnson - Dec 29, 2011
Karla, it is a good book! Thank you for including of my recipes.
Karla Everett - Dec 25, 2011
Thank you Erin and welcome to JAP , you will love it here. Merry Christmas to you and yours :D
Erin Mascroft - Dec 25, 2011
Karla, I'm new to this site and am so humbled that you picked my recipe!!! Great job on the cookbook!
Karla Everett - Dec 24, 2011
Thank you Lori , Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!!
Lori Fleming - Dec 24, 2011
Great cookbook! Thank you so much for including one of my recipes. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Nancy J. Patrykus - Dec 24, 2011
Welcome Rhonda...
I like your recipe, also...
Have a nice and yours!...nancy
Karla Everett - Dec 24, 2011
Rhonda , your recipe looks delicious and Welcome to JAP !!
Merry Christmas!! :D
Rhonda Hubble - Dec 24, 2011
Wow! Thanks for including my casserole recipe in your cookbook! It is the first one I have posted as I am new to the site. It definitely proves that people view/use/appreciate your favorite recipes! Awesome! Have a very Merry Christmas!
Karla Everett - Dec 23, 2011
Kelly , your such a funny girl!!...LOL

Jen your very welcome , your appetizer recipe looks delicious :D
Jen Gordon - Dec 23, 2011
Wow, what a nice collection of recipes! Thanks for including my first posted recipe!
Kelly Williams - Dec 23, 2011
Omg,...I almost drooled on my cannot do this to me first thing in the morning... ;) :P :D :D
Karla Everett - Dec 23, 2011
Thank you very much Gail and your welcome!! Merry Christmas to you too!! :D
Gail Welch - Dec 22, 2011
Karla, you just keep turning out GREAT COOKBOOKS! Thanks for including my soup recipe and for all the hard work that you put into collecting these wonderful recipes. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Karla Everett - Dec 22, 2011
Your all very welcome and Thank you very much!! Thank you all for all the great recipes!! :D