Created September 2013

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
Frugal recipes, and more.
It's what you bring to the pot,
that makes it special !
Just like Stone Soup.

Lovingly Compiled for
Rose Mary
by "Ma"
Nancy J. Patrykus

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Straws Kitchen - Oct 3, 2013
PD...hmmmmmm. Guess she looks like ME since I am the older one of the two of us!!! ;O)
Rose Mary Mogan - Oct 3, 2013
Cindy I just went through the entire book with no problem, and like you, I only can see it if it is on the larger screen. I got my copy of this book on yesterday, and I am loving it. I sent one copy to my daughter.

Now I can order the one with my cakes in it, but because I had 4 books that had not been shipped, I was determined not to order any more until I got my other orders, and now they are all here. So I will be ordering again. Hope the problem has been corrected.

I really like your new profile picture. I still say you remind me of Ms Paula Deen. Smile
Straws Kitchen - Oct 3, 2013
YEAH!!!!!!!! if I do not put it on larger view it will let me see it......only thing is I need a magnifying glass to see it ;O).
Straws Kitchen - Oct 3, 2013
Ok thanks.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Oct 3, 2013
Cin... I have no trouble viewing!...
Maybe you should contact JAP
.....I don,t know what to tell you.
Hugs, Nancy. 10/3/123
Straws Kitchen - Oct 3, 2013
Nancy..........I'm having trouble with this one!!!
Every time I "try" to view this cookbook it hangs up on page 3&4....will not go any further.
Rose Selvar - Sep 27, 2013
Sounds like a sweet, tenderhearted guy, Sandra. Sure don't make many like that anymore! He sure was special!
Sandra Allen - Sep 26, 2013
Yep. He always called me "Hey Pretty Girl". I am 58 and he would have been 78 in March. Such a young age to take on a very sick little girl who wasn't his and wasn't his new wife's. I was her niece so that was doubly extraordinary for the time. He was younger than I am now when he died. Hollywood handsome, big lumberjack of a man, but sweet enough to cry for two days because he accidentally stepped on a kittens foot. They don't make many like that now days.
Rose Selvar - Sep 26, 2013
We all really miss our loved ones when they are gone...and I think we all have the same feelings...just one more more chance to say "I love you". 9/26/13
Sandra Allen - Sep 26, 2013
You are all right. Even now when I make a ham, a big burger or stew, I can almost smell his Borkum Rift pipe tobacco and Old Spice sitting in the corner giving me pointers. If a stew couldn't support a fork without falling over, it wasn't stew! What I wouldn't give for just one more hug.
Rose Selvar - Sep 26, 2013
Thanks for sharing that picture of your "daddy". It is so special that you have that picture and those memories! 9/26/13
Nancy J. Patrykus - Sep 26, 2013
You can pick your friends,not your family!
and maybe
just maybe...
Hang on to them !!
they are all dear!.
.Hugs to all....
Rose Mary Mogan - Sep 26, 2013
I totally agree Sandra. Well said. It really means a lot when you are specially chosen. I say to Nancy what I always said to my mom, I hope I make you proud of me, for I am trying to be & set a good example for my other siblings.

Thanks for the memories.
Sandra Allen - Sep 26, 2013
You know Rose...daughters and kids and parents by choice are just a little more least to me, then the one's by chance. A man came into my life when I was 9 months old and literally saved me. He was my daddy till I was 7 but he and I held fiercely to each other much to the disapproval of he new "real" family. He passed away just hours after this shot, of him holding his first and only great grand son. That was 22 years ago and his cooking legend lives on in my kitchen if no where else.

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Nora M - Sep 26, 2013

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

"EASTER EGG" Soup...use left-over Easter Eggs "VODKA CHEER CAKE" for the HOLIDAYS..LOL ''Bonnie's Easy Big-Batch Cinnamon Rolls'' 1930 CARMEL-NUT,UPSIDE DOWN SKILLET COFFEECAKE 1940's OPEN FACE BACON & CHEESE Broiled Sandwich 5 Variety Mile High Apple Pies w/Splenda AFFY TAPPLE CARAMEL NUT APPLE PIE All But Kitchen Sink Stuffing by Lady Rose BAGGED ROAST TURKEY Recipe Baked Crunchy Sweet Potato Pork Chops Berry Cherry Strawberry pie BLUEBERRY COBBLER an Heirloom from the 40's! Boss Lady Debbie's Easy Potato Dumplings Cheap Beef Lo Mein Chopped BBQ Pork & Chicken on Toasted Kaiser Buns CHUNKY WHITE MEAT CHICKEN SALAD COMPLETE LEFTOVER TURKEY DINNER.. CAKE CORN COB,POTATO & TUNA CHOWDER Crispy oven Baked/Fried Chicken CRUSTY RHUBARB PIE .... no roll pastry ELEPHANT STEW End of the Month Soup FRESH TOMATO SOUP...SIMPLE FARM STYLE Frugal Gourmet's Barley & Mushroom Casserole GINGER BEANS & WEINER CORN BREAD CASSEROLE Homemade NOODLES, no waiting to dry Irish Boxty (Crispy Fried Potato Cakes)A WIN! Lady Rose's Southern Style Moussaka Left Over Beef Pot Roast Stir-Fry LEFTOVER BAKERS for CRISPY STOVE TOP FRIED TATERS Mock Pecan Pie by Rose Mary open face-TURKEY & GRAVY SANDWICH... (or CHICKEN) Our Favorite Lemon Orzo Soup Panko Breaded Spam Slices POOR MAN'S VEGETABLE NECKBONE SOUP 4 A CROWD Remix-CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS DEEP DISH POT PIE ROASTED PORK KNUCKLE (or hock) A German Recipe ROLL-the-CAN ICE CREAM Rose Mary's Bread Pudding Rose Mary's Orange Glazed Candied Sweet Potatoes Rose Mary's Twice Baked Party Potatoes SALT PORK GRAVY old farm recipe Sam's Club Rotesserie Chicken & Dressing Shepherd's Pie - the cheap way! Southwest Cheddar Beef Stew Spinach Potato Pancakes/Colcannon Cakes Stove Top Roast Beef Dinner Remix Stove Top Sirloin Tip Beef Stew [REMIX] Super Easy Cherry Pie WHOLE GRAIN FRENCH TOAST