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I cut this out of the paper a few years back....
So now with all the questions on roasting a turkey in the bag...
this article and GREAT RECIPE might help to answer
a few.
Auther: Beverly Burmeier

Have a nice Holiday! 11/11/11

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uncooked, thawed, turkey
unused brown bag from the super market
roaster pan


1An ordinary unused brown bag from the supermarket is the secret for baking the juiciest Thanksgiving turkey ever. Here is how.
Preheat the oven to 325 F. Coat the inside of a double- strength grocery bag with a cooking spray; spray the birds skin,( including inside wings and under legs.) Slide the turkey into the bag ( use a second bag for a large bird.)
Staple or tie the bag shut.
Check for gaps if two bags are used on opposite ends. ends. Be sure the sack hasn't been punctured.
2Then place it on a rack in a roaster pan.
Check to be sure the bag does not touch the sides or top of the oven.
Bake birds 13 pounds or under 20-22 minutes a pound.
Bake birds 14 pounds or more 16-18 minutes a pound. NOTE: I typed this as it was in the original article. But I think they have the times reversed!...nancy
Now here is the hard part don't peak!
Do not open the sack until the time is up.
The bag will not burn in a 325 F. oven, and the steam inside the bag is essential to retaining moisture and nutrients.
3When finished baking, carefully poke a few holes in the bag to let the juices run into the pan and the steam to escape.
After cooling, tear the rest of the bag away, put the turkey on a platter, and make gravy with the drippings.
You have just bagged a perfect Holiday bird!

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