Shared Recipes

Shared Recipes
Created March 2012

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran @kitchenChatter
Lovingly Compiled by
Pat Duran [kitchenchatter]
Friends - can never have too many!

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Pat Duran - Apr 28, 2012
U R Welcome C.J.
C.J. Sharpless - Apr 28, 2012
WOW! Thank you, Pat!!!
Pat Duran - Mar 29, 2012
Thanks you Kimi and Lynn for letting us all share your recipes.
Carole F - Mar 29, 2012
Pat, I am honored that you chose three of my recipes for your cookbook..great choices for these are fun ones to include. What a beautiful are a sweetheart, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your cookbook. ((Huggles))
Kimi Gaines - Mar 29, 2012
Thank you Pat for sharing my recipe in your very beautiful cookbook!!
Pat Duran - Mar 28, 2012
Thanks Bonnie and Debby. Share in licking the bowl. Hugs.
Debby Nelson - Mar 28, 2012
Thanks for including the Harvey Wallbanger Cake. I hope everyone who tries it enjoys it! I love all the recipes. It's a very nice cookbook Pat! Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together.
Bonnie . - Mar 28, 2012
Thank you so much, Pat, for including my Apricot Almost Cheesecake. It is a great collection of recipes! Good job!♥
Pat Duran - Mar 28, 2012
Thanks Nanc! You give me joy!
Nancy J. Patrykus - Mar 28, 2012
Hey Pat...a very nice cook book...
You always deliver
Pat Duran - Mar 28, 2012
You are quite welcome ladies.Hugs and lick the spoon!
Colleen Sowa - Mar 28, 2012
Pat thank you for including my recipe in your nice cookbook! xo
Kim Biegacki - Mar 28, 2012
Pat, I love your cookbook. There are so many delicious yummy recipes I hadn't seen before and thank you for including one of mine too. xoxoxox