I'm Hungry!

I'm Hungry!
Created July 2013

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd

This book is dedicated to my children. When they were young I would tell them they reminded me of baby birds. When I came home from work or from being out and came through the door - as SOON as they saw me, their mouths would open and all would cry , I'm hungry! I'm sure all mothers can relate. LOL!! I love you my baby birdies who now have all flown from the nest.

July 2013

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Tammy T - Aug 5, 2013
Love that Coconut Cake Cassie! Had to add that in this book for my children! Love Dill Dip too! Thank you my friend!!
Cassie * - Aug 5, 2013
Hi Tammy! Thank you for including my coconut cake and dill dip in this lovely cookbook. I love the baby birds...so cute!
Tammy T - Jul 29, 2013
??? I normally rate them too Nancy. I Hope I don't forget to at least.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 29, 2013
When I make it..
a recipe..
I leave a star, etc. if I like it
Tammy T - Jul 28, 2013
Thank you Ellen, I really appreciate that! It reminds me of my children when they were young. LOL! They will get such a kick out of it! I LOVE that recipe of yours, Inside-Out-Manicotti. I make it all the time now as it is a favorite of all my children and even my vegetarian can eat it and she loves it! I love your homemade Tarter Sauce as well, Mmmmmmm! Hugging back!
Ellen Bales - Jul 28, 2013
Oh, this cookbook cover is so CUTE! You have such good taste and style, Tammy. Thank you, my friend, for including two of my recipes!

Gail Welch - Jul 28, 2013
So cute! I know that they will love it!
Tammy T - Jul 28, 2013
Thank you Gail and Patsy!!! I made this for my kids as I use to call them my baby birds, always hungry, with their mouths open whenever I came near them. LOL!! I know they will love it! I put some of my favorite recipes in here but I wish I could have put more. Hugs!!
Patsy Fowler - Jul 28, 2013
i love the cover of your cookbook and the recipes are great
Gail Welch - Jul 28, 2013
Tammy, I am honored that you included my Granny Bea's Chicken Pot Pie. You did a great job on the cover and the selection of delicious recipes. It makes me HUNGRY, indeed!