Created September 2013

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
All blue recipes!
Sept.11, 2013

Turn on some
and cook away!

Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy J. Patrykus
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Bob Cooney - Oct 28, 2013
Not sure how I missed this one... Thank you Nancy for including my ice cream in your book... :)
Susan Feliciano - Sep 12, 2013
A cute idea for a cookbook filled with this nutritious fruit. Thanks for including my Blueberry information!
Rose Selvar - Sep 11, 2013
Congratulations, Ma on another fabulous cookbook. I am honored to have my recipe included in here! Blueberry Crumb Pie by Rose on page 39. Thanks. Try it. You'll like it! 9/11/13
Jewel Hall - Sep 11, 2013
Hey Sweet Ones, what a nifty cookbook !! Thanks for including my "How to freeze fresh blueberries"........Very important way to do it.If I purchase some in sealed cups I put them inside a gallon freezer bag unwrapped before freezing. oooxxx to you Nice Lady!

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

Baby Blue Punch Baby Greens/Fennel/Dried Cheeries/Blue Cheese Berry Blue Jello Slime Drink Black cat cocktail Blue corn Atole Blue Long Island Ice Tea Blue Raspberry Lemonade Slushy BLUEBERRIES Blueberries and Cream Angel Food Cake Blueberries and Cream Cake Blueberries and cream pie Blueberry & Peach Sangria Blueberry Banana Split Pie Blueberry Bottom Pie Blueberry Breakfast Shake Blueberry Cherry 7up Cobbler BLUEBERRY COBBLER an Heirloom from the 40's! Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie Blueberry Crumb Pie BLUEBERRY CRUMB PIE by Rose Blueberry Egg Rolls Blueberry Malt Blueberry Mango Protein Smoothie Blueberry Ricotta Pie Blueberry Surprise Pie BLUEBERRY-WALNUT CREAMCHEESE PIE BOSTON CREAM PIE a 1856 BLUE BONNET clone Buffalo Chicken & Blue Cheese Grits Cherry/Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie chocolate covered blueberries Cranberries-Pear Crisp with added Blueberries Creamy Blueberry Cheesecake Pie or Bars Dehydrating Blueberries Easy Blueberry-Lemon Tart Fireman Bob's Blueberry Lemon Ice Cream Fresh Blueberries and Sour Cream Pound Cake by RR Fresh Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie Fresh Blueberry Fizz Grandpa Gus's Blueberry Cheesecake Homemade Blueberry Vodka HOW TO FREEZE FRESH PICKED BLUEBERRIES Lovely Lemon Buttercream Cake with Blueberries Miss Becky's Blueberry Beauty Peach Blueberry Streusel Pie Peachy Blue Quaker Pie Pineapple Blueberry Chess Pie Red Velvet-Blueberry Ice Cream Pie Sligtly Exotic Cake with Blueberries Slow-cooked blueberries and dumplings Yogurt-Covered Blueberries!