Gigi's Just Good Food

Gigi's Just Good Food
Created February 2013 (Second Edition)

Georgane Vann
By Georgane Vann @Georgart53
I started cooking when I was 11 or 12. I've been cooking ever since. I never knew that some people considered it difficult because everyone in my family did it. My mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, I didn't know anyone who did not cook. So I had no qualms about trying anything.
My kids are good cooks in fact they both worked as professional line and sous chefs for a several years.
I have included only recipes that I have posted as well as one that I used constantly by Pat Duran.

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Pat Duran - Feb 3, 2013
Hugss to you my friend, Pat :)
Georgane Vann - Feb 3, 2013
I use your pizza dough all the time I make rolls and breadsticks out of it too!
Pat Duran - Feb 1, 2013
Georgane, this is a great collections of family recipes-- thank you for posting my recipe- I am so honored to be included. hugs,Pat Honey Pizza Dough-Homemade