Beginner Cook

Beginner Cook
Created April 2012

Kimi Gaines
By Kimi Gaines @kimijo
I was cooking at a very young age. I loved to help my mom in the kitchen. She was very patient with me. Little did I know it drove her crazy. My mom is full German, gentle as a dove and sweet as a rose. I learned the "Love of Cooking from her." Being a beginner in the kitchen can sometimes be frustrating. Start off we easy recipes and then take tiny steps forward. Rome wasn't built in a day. I still have flops, and get really aggravated when I do. So remember even the most seasoned cook can mess up a dish.
Kimi Gaines [kimijo]

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Kimi Gaines - May 7, 2012
So many young people do not know how to cook...I only have one that doesn't do well, but my son & daughter can throw down some good food. this generation lives on fast food...such a shame!!
Sherri Williams - May 6, 2012
WOW!!! Thanks for including my recipes. I just love this cookbook. It really is very helpful for beginner cooks. sw☺