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Sue Rubino - Aug 11, 2014
I'm praying... all I want is one :) LOL Teachers here don't get maternity leave so, they have to plan for a summer baby. We actually had some rain a few weeks ago. Maybe not measurable rain but it was some rain... 104 yesterday and sunny (of course) I'm going to do a rain dance soon!! Have a great week .. keep in touch
Renée G. - Aug 11, 2014
And maybe YOUR grandchildren, too, Sue. Tell Joie to get busy! ; )

Hope you have a terrific week. Hope your weather isn't too blasting hot.
Dee * - Aug 10, 2014
You're welcome Norene. :)
Sue Rubino - Aug 10, 2014
Another good one Norene. After Joie got married she asked Mom and I to write down favorite recipes of ours and her's. I am sure your grandchildren will cherish the cookbooks you made. :)
Renée G. - Aug 9, 2014
Beef Stroganoff has always been a favorite of all of us, Dee. I'm sure the girls will be making and enjoying your recipe many times. Thank you for sharing with us.
Dee * - Aug 9, 2014
What a nice surprise to see you included my recipe for Perfect Beef Stroganoff in your Comfort Food Cookbook. I'm sure your grandkids will enjoy such a thoughtful gift from you. Thank you Norene.
Carol * - Aug 8, 2014
Wonderful idea Norene...they will use the book many times and think of you each time they do. They need the feel of home and comfort while they are away...this will give them that.
Renée G. - Aug 8, 2014
I tried to pick some I knew the girls would like and that would bring them comfort when they go away to college - some things easy enough for them to make and might remind them of home.

I so appreciate everyone's contributions.
Susan Feliciano - Aug 8, 2014
Great cookbook of comfort foods. I see some recipes I'd like to try.
Thanks for including mine, Crab Casserole and Steak Paprikash. I haven't made the crab casserole in quite a while, so you jogged my memory!
Renée G. - Aug 8, 2014
Thank you for sharing all the wonderful recipes ladies and allowing me to pinch to make the cookbooks for my grandchildren. I know they will enjoy making and serving these comforting dishes while away at college and afterwards as they start their adult lives.
Lucia-Santos Hernandez - Aug 8, 2014
Thank you for including my recipe. Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken-N-Rice) I am very flattered. My mom would have been so proud thank you again
Kathy W - Aug 7, 2014
Thanks for including my recipes in your great cookbook.
Carol * - Aug 7, 2014
Norene...I am honored you chose to feature my Family Favorite Salmon Patties recipe in your beautiful new cookbook!! Thank you soo much!!
Renée G. - Aug 7, 2014
Jean, Thank you for sharing so I could pinch it.
Jean Fisher - Aug 7, 2014
Thank you Norene for adding my Chicken & Dumplings recipe to your cookbook.

Have a Blessed evening.