Crock Pot Cooking

Crock Pot Cooking
Created February 2012

Deneece Gursky
By Deneece Gursky @Smokeygirlxo
Lovingly Compiled by
Deneece Gursky
for My Beautiful Daughter Brittney

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Deneece Gursky - over a year ago
brittney loved the books i made her and she has already made the cheeseburger mac : ) she loved it leena!
Leena Corral - over a year ago
Thanks for including my recipe. We love the cheeseburger mac around here. I hope your daughter will too.
Deneece Gursky - over a year ago
aw yay stormy! thank you! my daughter already knows i am putting the books together for her here and she is so excited lol
Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
Beautiful book. I plan to buy My daughter a crock pot this year as part of her birthday. Thanks to you I will also have a wonderful cook book to boot.
Deneece Gursky - over a year ago
no thank you rose my daughter will love it! and thanks Karla I just bought brittney a crockpot for her new place so i thought it would be nice to put a crockpot book together for her!
Karla Everett - over a year ago
Deneece , you have some great recipes in this book..saved this one. :D
Rose Daly - over a year ago
Thank you so much for adding one of my recipes to your cookbook. :)
Deneece Gursky - over a year ago
thank you leila, she just moved out and i wanted to give her some of the awesome recipes i have come to love here : )
Leila Rockwell - over a year ago
Deneece your daughter will be so happy with this cookbook. You did a great job putting it together.