Desserts Made with a Mix

Desserts Made with a Mix
Created March 2012

Kimi Gaines
By Kimi Gaines @kimijo
I really love to bake cookies, but sometimes one can be in a rush and need to bake 3 dozen cookies. Using any flavor cake mix you can come up with cookies that people will never know a cake mix or any other box mix was used to make luscious desserts . I included some gift jars that are easy to make and give away. On the cover is my signature cookie, "Sunshine Lemon Cake Mix Cookies." I hope you will try some of these out. Get your apron out and start baking.
Kimi Gaines [kimijo]

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Nancy J. Patrykus - Aug 31, 2015
.I just happened to click on this great cookbook
Happiness is.....Love it, LOV EASTER EGG 4 layer CAKE....1953. .from a box mix E IT !
Thank you. And all with a mix! GREAT!
Saves a lot of time in the kitchen.
Pinched...That Italian Cake! looks so yummy!!
and looks so interesting.
Hugs, ...Nancy ....8/31/15

Here is one of my recipes... for you...
Gayle Shepherd - Jan 22, 2013
I need a recipe for a Mexican Chocolate Cake using cake mix . Can anyone help me or give me a recipe. Thanks.
Lillian Russo - Mar 19, 2012
Once she sees this site she'll be hooked!!!
Kimi Gaines - Mar 19, 2012
Oh, I still love looking at them!! I weeded mine out a bit. My best friend has probably over 200. She loves to read and invent. I've been trying to her on here, but she keeps dragging her feet.
Lillian Russo - Mar 18, 2012
I never bought one! I love reading reviews and asking questions on recipes! I would miss that with the cookbooks! My cookbooks have been collecting dust since finding cooking website! lol!
Kimi Gaines - Mar 18, 2012
I didn't know you had to pay the yearly dues. Do u get a notice? How do I do that?
Stormy Stewart - Mar 18, 2012
Kimi if you paid the $10 dollars yearly dues, you can down load as many as you want for free. Then you just e-mail them to your friends.
Kimi Gaines - Mar 18, 2012
I guess that's why that want us to buy the books...LOL
Have you bought any? I like making them, but they seem expensive to me.
Lillian Russo - Mar 18, 2012
Some great recipes in here! Thanks for using one of mine! Those cinnamon rolls from a cake mix sounded interesting...I'll have to go look at that one! I wish we could just click on the recipes as we're looking through the book and be brought to the recipe! =)
Kimi Gaines - Mar 16, 2012
you are so welcome!!
Norma DeRemer - Mar 16, 2012
Thanks for including my recipe in your wonderful book.
Kimi Gaines - Mar 16, 2012
your welcome Stormy...:0)
Stormy Stewart - Mar 16, 2012
thank you for including three of my recipes