Created May 2013

Ellen Bales
By Ellen Bales @Starwriter
Lovingly Compiled by
Ellen Bales [Starwriter]

As long as there's pasta in the world, I'm okay.

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Susan Cutler - May 30, 2013
LOL I know she has many! I don't know how she does it! Wow!! She has some really good ones too!! :)
Ellen Bales - May 30, 2013
If you think 29 is a lot of cookbooks, check out Nancy Patrykus. She has 580 as of five minutes ago. Better hurry, though, because the clock is ticking--lol!
Susan Cutler - May 29, 2013
Hmmm!! That's a really good idea! Thanks, as I said before, you are so creative!! :) Some day I will surprise myself, I am sure and do something!

29 is a huge number; considering my number is zero!! LOL You always do such a wonderful and remarkable job. The topic is outstanding too, I didn't mention that before. Everyone LOVES pasta!!

Wonderful Job, Ellen!
Ellen Bales - May 29, 2013
I only have 29, Sue, with two more in the works right now. They are coming along very slowly. Guess I haven't been concentrating--lol! But thank you for your very kind words. You should do a cookbook. It doesn't have to be all food, you know. You could put in your Preparedness info. I'll bet a lot of people would like that!
Susan Cutler - May 29, 2013
Hi Ellen,
You are so creative!! What a great title! I LOVE IT!

How many books have you created to date; whatever the figure, you always do such a wonderful job and this no exception!

Thank you so much for posting my Crab Pasta Shells recipe! It is very much appreciated!

Ellen Bales - May 27, 2013
Love your recipe, Lynn! I'm glad you shared it.
Lynn Socko - May 27, 2013
Wonderful cookook, thanks for including my stuffed tomato recipe.
Tammy T - May 27, 2013
Cool! I am on my second cheese book! :)
Ellen Bales - May 26, 2013
Thanks, Tammy! I have plenty more where those came from! I'm getting ready to post a new one tonight.
Tammy T - May 26, 2013
Love this cookbook Ellen! Love Pasta dishes! Had to pinch a couple of these too! Great job!