Sit Down and Eat

Sit Down and Eat
Created March 2012

Allison Hazell
By Allison Hazell @ahazell
Lovingly Compiled by Allison Hazell (Lissa)With all of the wonderful memories of family holidays, celebrations and meals that went with them, I decided t0 gather up all of the great dishes that I have found and some that I've created over time. When it was time to eat we heard my Mom, Aunt Marg or Gramma Miggie say "Sit down and eat!" I tried to choose easy, interesting and tasty dishes. I wanted to share these meals with my family and friends who love to eat (and cook)!

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Lynette Gibbons - over a year ago
Allison, thank you for including one of my recipes in your cookbook!
Didi Dalaba - over a year ago
Allison, your intro to the book just touched my heart.. because that's exactly how I feel when I cook or bake, alway's!!

I am truly humbled and honored to be included, especially a very, very old family heritage one!!

Thank you!!!
Sherry Peyton - over a year ago
What a great idea for a cookbook. Thanks for including my recipe. I think some of these recipes are simply wonderful family food. I'm going to enjoy making a number of these.
Allison Hazell - over a year ago
Thank you Jan! It is just so much fun sharing these recipes and being able to produce something like this just for fun.
Janice Bartholome - over a year ago
Your series is a great idea, Allison. And JustAPinch is a gold mine when you go digging for treasures to put into books like that. There are SO many old family recipes here.
Allison Hazell - over a year ago
No,thank you ladies! Your recipes are awesome. I've started a "series" (hee hee) of cookbooks from this site...Starters, Sit down and eat (entrees) and am almost finished on the veggie/side dish book, "You can't play until you eat your vegetables".(ha)..all based on my childhood memories of family meals and holidays. I included (very) old family pictures on the cover to intice my family and friends to try the great recipes I found from people like you on JAP...thanks so very much.
Janice Bartholome - over a year ago
I'm honored to have my recipe in your cookbook, Allison. Thank you. This is one of our favorite dishes. In fact, I just had some for supper! I'll enjoy browsing to see what the other recipes are.
Bonnie . - over a year ago
Thanks for including my recipes, Allison. I am honored to be a part of your lovely cookbook!♥