Created March 2013

Bobby (*_*)
By Bobby (*_*) @Bobbycountry
Lovingly Compiled by
Bobby Webb

Born and raised in Tennessee, it would be fit'en to start a cookbook from the people of Tennessee and their recipes.

Bobby 3-22-2013

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Bobby (*_*) - Mar 26, 2013
Thanks Linda
Linda Barker - Mar 26, 2013
Thank you for including my recipe for Lynn & Paul's fruit tea, I am honored! Congrats on your cookbook!
Bobby (*_*) - Mar 26, 2013
Hi Joyce,
You are welcome. I'm doing some more on Tennessee cooking. I will used more of your recipes as needed. Keep up the great work. Bobby
Joyce Kelley - Mar 26, 2013
I'm delighted that you have included my recipe for Easy Ratafias....WOW! Great job on the cookbook too. Thanks for investing the time and effort on behalf of great cooks everywhere.....especially us TN gals! Thanks!
Bobby (*_*) - Mar 23, 2013
Hi Beth. I'm so glad that I made your day. Thanks for the recipe. I'm doing more cookbook from the people from Tennessee and there recipes. So, you probably will be in others. Thank you
Beth Laugherty - Mar 23, 2013
OMG! What a surprise when I was going through your Recipes from Tennessee and found my recipe for Chocolate Coma. Thanks so much for posting it, it has made my day.
Bobby (*_*) - Mar 22, 2013
Hi Diana. Thanks for the ups on this recipe. I'm sure it is amazing.
I'm doing more cookbooks and I'm sure I will use more of them.
Diana Lesizza - Mar 22, 2013
Hey Bob! You included my friend Deborah's Fiesta Pasta in this book. I can attest to how amazing it tastes! Thank you!
Cynthia Weaver - Mar 22, 2013
Thanks for including my Cherry Turnovers in your book. I put up a link on my FB page. Thanks again.
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 22, 2013
I will be looking for them Bob. You really did a great job.
Bobby (*_*) - Mar 22, 2013
Thanks you Rose Mary. There will be several more out from Tennessee. It takes time to look up all the people in Tennessee. Thanks again.
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 22, 2013
Bobby, I am not from Tennessee, but I love many of the recipes in this wonderful book. Great idea. You did a great job. I just received my Arkansas Cookbook that was compiled by Nancy Patrykus. It too is a great Book of recipes by cooks that either grew up in Arkansas or currently live there. I am one of them.