Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies
Created October 2011

Karla Everett
By Karla Everett @Karla59
Christmas Cookies
by Norma Rose

Sift the flour, mix the butter,
Roll the dough for the cookie cutter.
A white sugar star, a red Christmas bell,
A brown teddy bear with a gingery smell.

Christmas cookies taste so sweet.
They're fun to bake and good to eat.

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SK H - Oct 13, 2011
What wonderful cookies...some I had not seen before. Great book. I will have to download this.
Karla Everett - Oct 12, 2011
Your welcome again Lillian LOL :D
Lillian Russo - Oct 12, 2011
Hi Karla! Thank you so much for including my recipe in your cookbook!
Karla Everett - Oct 11, 2011
They sound really good , I love thumbprint cookies :D
Carol Junkins - Oct 10, 2011
My favorite at Christmas, is the almond raspberry thumbprints, but yea I could eat them all so only make em at Christmas, haha
Karla Everett - Oct 10, 2011
Thanks Carol and I do plan on making them at Christmas time , I would love to make ALL of these delicious cookies but it will take awhile ...hahaha
Carol Junkins - Oct 10, 2011
Karla ` I am touched you have my fav cookies in there, wow thanks, hope you give them a try at Christmas, what a suprise ! Tks you
I love the cover, and you have the best recipes in there, I have some of them saved, but I may download the whole book!
Karla Everett - Oct 7, 2011
Thank you Ladies , you all have great recipes , the hard part was which ones to choose....LOL
Sea Sun - Oct 7, 2011
What a great book! I was going to buy it even before I knew I was in it! LOL! (wink) Seriouly, fabulous collection...and I do already have many of those saved so it is great to have them all together. I love the design and the picture too!
Deneece Gursky - Oct 7, 2011
aww thanks for including me karla : ) love the book
Colleen Sowa - Oct 7, 2011
Thank you Karla! So sweet of you to include this recipe... my grandchildren love to make them and eat them! I love you poem! xo