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Blue Ribbon #low-carb Recipes

A plate of Low Carb Salmon Patties With Creamy Sauce.

Low-carb Salmon Patties With Creamy Sauce

Paula Todora avatar
By Paula Todora
Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, this low-carb entree is made from ...
(4 ratings)
Asiago Chicken in a White Wine Mushroom Sauce on a plate with rice.

Asiago Chicken In A White Wine Mushroom Sauce

Diane Atherton avatar
By Diane Atherton
Asiago cheese is a very strong cheese, not for the weak-hearted cheese lover. This is ...
(19 ratings)
Low Carb Low Fat Asian Lettuce Wraps With Dipping Sauce ready to serve.

Low Carb Low Fat Asian Lettuce Wraps With Dipping Sauce

Jennifer Van Dyke avatar
By Jennifer Van Dyke
This recipe is just like one I found in a low-carb cookbook. If you aren't ...
(4 ratings)
A bowl of Spicy Roasted Cauliflower.

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower

Vickey Yott Morrissey avatar
By Vickey Yott Morrissey
I only made 2 cups of this and it was not enough. You can increase ...
(4 ratings)
Low Carb Loaded Baked Cauliflower cooked until golden brown.

Low-carb Loaded Baked Cauliflower

Rhonda White avatar
By Rhonda White
My meat-and-potato guys missed their baked potatoes when we started a low-carb lifestyle, so I ...
(4 ratings)
Low Carb Green Chile Burger Casserole baked until golden brown.

Cheryl's Low Carb Green Chile Burger Casserole

Cheryl Chavez avatar
By Cheryl Chavez
This is a very tasty low carb casserole. We love it! I serve this casserole ...
(4 ratings)
Three Keto Friendly Low Carb Cucumber Sandwiches on a plate.

Keto Friendly Low Carb Cucumber Sandwiches

Barbara Lentz avatar
By Barbara Lentz
Low carb, Keto friendly and delicious.
(2 ratings)
Air Fryer Chicken Pizza on a plate.

Air Fryer Pizza Chicken

Robyn Bruce avatar
By Robyn Bruce
This recipe is a great alternative to regular pizza. It's just plain delicious. It's also ...
(4 ratings)
A stack of Fudgy Keto Brownies with a bite taken out of one brownie.

Fudgy Keto Brownies

Jenny Wickham Nelson avatar
By Jenny Wickham Nelson
I have been trying recipes for low carb or Keto-friendly brownies and I have not ...
(5 ratings)
Low Carb Chicken Casserole on a plate with tomatoes.

Low Carb Chicken Casserole

Rose Daly avatar
By Rose Daly
My SO is doing low carb and even those not doing low carb know that ...
(5 ratings)
Low carb/gluten free cauliflower pizza baked until crisp.

Low Carb/gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza

Laura Geese avatar
By Laura Geese
Trying to find low carb/gluten free recipes that taste really good has been a challenge. ...
(2 ratings)
Unstuffed cabbage rolls in a skillet ready to be served.

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

Bruce Lambert avatar
By Bruce Lambert
This is great comfort food.
(13 ratings)
Air fried chicken breast drizzled with ranch.

Air Fried Butterflied Stuffed Chicken Breast

Robyn Bruce avatar
By Robyn Bruce
This chicken breast recipe is very low fat, juicy as all get out, and just ...
(2 ratings)
Two ham & cheese low carb breakfast muffins on a plate.

Ham & Cheese Low Carb Breakfast Muffins

Paula Todora avatar
By Paula Todora
If you beat the eggs well, the muffins will be light and airy. Full of ...
(1 rating)
Primal tots on a plate with a fork.

Primal "tots"

Bre Van Patten avatar
By Bre Van Patten
These little babies are so good, you might never go back to regular tater tots. ...
(1 rating)
Stuffed portabella cap with a runny egg on top.

Stuffed Portabella Caps

Kathy Williams avatar
By Kathy Williams
This makes a hearty breakfast and/or a good side for a creamy pasta dish. It ...
(2 ratings)

Hamburger, Sausage, Broccoli Alfredo - Low Carb

Diane Atherton avatar
By Diane Atherton
An easy low carb tasty meal that the whole family will enjoy.
(18 ratings)
Crispy baked chicken wings on a plate.

Crispy Baked Chicken Wings

Paula Todora avatar
By Paula Todora
Low carb - easy to make by baking and the best wings ever!
(2 ratings)

Low Carb Zucchini Quiche

Janus Joy Miller avatar
By Janus Joy Miller
Just felt like quiche, but had no milk, cream, or anything of that nature... except ...
(1 rating)

Zucchini And Sweet Potato Pasta

Jessica Caruso avatar
By Jessica Caruso
I love pasta. Spaghetti noodles of ALL TYPE. This was my first time using veggie ...
(1 rating)

Easy Low Carb Chicken And Mushroom Stew

Elaine Douglas avatar
By Elaine Douglas
I developed this recipe to use ingredients that I usually have on hand. It is ...
(2 ratings)

Conglomerate Of Tailgate Appetizers Quiche

Laurie Gordon avatar
By Laurie Gordon
As Super Bowl Sunday approached, I kept on thinking of how I could do something ...
(2 ratings)

Low Carb Breakfast Crepes With Cheese Filling

Susan Feliciano avatar
By Susan Feliciano
I love crepes, but cannot afford the high carbohydrate content. I've worked on this recipe ...
(5 ratings)