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The Best Pork Chop Recipes

Pork Chops on a platter with noodles and broccoli.

San Francisco Pork Chops

Christine Chamberlain avatar
By Christine Chamberlain
One of my favorite pork recipes. We like the sauce on either mashed potatoes or ...
(5 ratings)
Sauerkraut and Pork for New Year's Day on a plate with mashed potatoes.

Sauerkraut And Pork For New Years Day

Marcia McCance avatar
By Marcia McCance
Mom used to make the best Sauerkraut and Pork on the planet! We all loved ...
(10 ratings)
Date Night Pork Chops over egg noodles.

Date Night Pork Chops

Tam D avatar
By Tam D
This recipe is a teeny bit fussy, but it's surprising and wonderful. My husband raved ...
(5 ratings)
Norma's Pork Chops With Apples on a serving platter.

Norma's Pork Chops With Apples

Norma DeRemer avatar
By Norma DeRemer
This is a recipe I made up years ago, playing around with different ingredients. My ...
(9 ratings)
Grilled Italian Spiced Pork Chops.

Italian Spiced Pork Chops

Carla Tipton avatar
By Carla Tipton
I used the zesty Italian dressing mix and omitted the red pepper flakes. These have ...
(9 ratings)
Sweet and Sour Pork Chops served over rice.

Sweet & Sour Pork Chops

Audrey Musick avatar
By Audrey Musick
I've made this recipe for over 25 years. It's a quick and easy recipe ...
(23 ratings)
A dish of Parmesan Baked Pork Chops ready to serve.

Parmesan Baked Pork Chops

Janet Crow avatar
By Janet Crow
These were the best pork chops I have eaten in a long time. So moist ...
(115 ratings)
A platter of Moist and Tender Baked Pork Chops.

Moist And Tender Baked Pork Chops

Jolene Kath avatar
By Jolene Kath
My husband loves pork chops again. He didn't like pork chops because they were always ...
(9 ratings)
Bourbon Braised Pork Chops ready to serve.

Bourbon Braised Pork Chops

Pauline Greenwood avatar
By Pauline Greenwood
The flavors may sound unusual, but they really are good... honest! :)
(6 ratings)
A Stuffed Pork Chop on a plate.

Stuffed Pork Chops

Jane Whittaker avatar
By Jane Whittaker
This is really easier than it looks when you use packaged stuffing mix. This is ...
(14 ratings)
Golden brown Panko Crusted Mustard Pork Cutlets.

Panko Crusted Mustard Pork Cutlets

Debbie Deverill avatar
By Debbie Deverill
I love pork - the other white meat.
(27 ratings)
Brushing meat with barbecue sauce.

Oven Baked Bbq Pork Steaks

Nancy Allen avatar
By Nancy Allen
These BBQ steaks melt in your mouth and you bake them in your oven.
(5 ratings)
Inside of the Never-Fail Baked Pork Chops.

Never-fail Baked Pork Chops

Myra Wynne avatar
By Myra Wynne
I'm not a big fan of pork chops, but these get prepared at least once ...
(7 ratings)
Crunchy Smoky Pork Chops on a plate.

Crunchy Smoky Pork Chops

Lillian Russo avatar
By Lillian Russo
Most of my recipes are born from my cravings. And tonight I was craving something ...
(14 ratings)
A platter of Honey Garlic Boneless Pork Chops.

Honey Garlic Boneless Chops

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
I rate this pork chop as the best I have ever had or made. They ...
(24 ratings)
Crispy Fried Pork Chops With Bacon Onion Gravy.

Crispy Fried Pork Chops W/bacon Onion Gravy

Diane Atherton avatar
By Diane Atherton
We love crispy fried pork over most cuts of meat. The gravy put this ...
(14 ratings)
Jamie's Smothered Pork Chops on a plate with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Jaime's Smothered Pork Chops

Jamie Beecham avatar
By Jamie Beecham
I saw this recipe on Paula's cooking show and changed it around to my taste. ...
(18 ratings)

Panko And Parm Baked Pork Chops

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
My husband requested baked breaded pork chops. Well, I had never cooked pork chops that ...
(1 rating)

Texas Pork Chops

Jim Decker avatar
By Jim Decker
I call this recipe Texas Pork Chops because when you pound a boneless chop and ...
(3 ratings)
Baked Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

Baked Pork Chops With Apples & Onions

Donna Graffagnino avatar
By Donna Graffagnino
I was looking for something different from the standard fried pork chop which didn't take ...

Smothered Chops / Oven Or Crock Pot

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
I just love anything made with onion...this recipe is no exception...the more the merrier. The ...
(4 ratings)

Oven Fried Boneless Pork Chops

Catherine Cappiello Pappas avatar
By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This a wonderful way to serve Pork and a healthy alternative to frying!
(1 rating)
You can serve pasta & sauce alone, or place pork chop on top of pasta and top with alfredo sauce. This is my husband's favorite way to enjoy this dish. Served with fresh green beans on the side.

Italian Baked Pork Chops & Penne Alfredo

Megan Todd avatar
By Megan Todd
A two in one recipe to satisfy your meat man, with a vegetarian pasta dish, ...
(1 rating)

Panko Crusted Pork Chops, Millie's

Millie Johnson avatar
By Millie Johnson
These fry up so quick and the panko gives them that extra crunch! Panko is ...
(4 ratings)