Chocolate Recipes

Sweet Brownie Cookies Recipe

Sweet Brownie Cookies

By Becca
The sweet chocolate, ooey-gooey goodness of a brownie, disguised in cookie form! I first made these cookies...

Flourless Brownies Recipe

Flourless Brownies

By Jenn Visser
The texture is so incredible, and they disappear in in my house three days or less.

Toffee Crunch Recipe

Toffee Crunch

By Michele Brown
This recipe makes a delicious "candy" that tastes like Heath bars. I often take this...

Chocolate Crumb Cake Recipe


By Meryl Hausner
I tried this recipe once and that was it. I constantly have requests. My oldest son...

Turtle Cheesecake Recipe

Turtle Cheesecake

By Telisia Dodd
chocolate is my passion,When ever I have a chocolate craving , I whip up my favorite...

Better Then Sex Cake Recipe

Better then Sex Cake

By Lynda England
Everyone loves this cake because it is so moist. A big favorite at any gathering...

Cake Balls Recipe

Cake Balls

By Brooke Magnusson
Fav Combinations: Red Velvet Cake - Cream Cheese Icing - White Choclate Coating Dark Chocolate Cake - Raspberry...

Eclair Cake Recipe

Eclair Cake

By Leslie Holt
This is a GREAT dessert to make in the summer! The presentation is great! ...