Chocolate Dream Pie

Janet Scott


This is beyond amazing and melts in your mouth.
Turn all the noises off in your house (people included). Sit down with a cup of coffee and a slice of this pie. Savor every bite.....

You will love or hate me after making this!


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2 pies


9 inch prepared pie crust shells, baked
use the scraps of pie dough to bake up decorations, dust with powdered sugar if desired


2 c
1 c
heavy cream
1 1/4 c
white sugar
1/3 c
unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa powder
1/2 c
plus 1 tablespoon, all purpose flour
1 dash(es)
3 large
egg yolks, mixed and set aside in medium bowl
1 tsp
vanilla extract


2 box
instant chocolate mousse (or make your own)


How to Make Chocolate Dream Pie


  • 1Make up your pie crust and bake, make some decorations up too with your scraps!
    (coat the scraps with egg wash for a nice golden color)

    You can use any pie crust recipe but you may want to try mine. It doesn't shrink that bad after baking without any filling inside. I don't put any beans in it either and it bakes so good. Light and flaky!
  • 2Mix your egg yolks in a medium bowl and set aside.
  • 3In another medium bowl whisk together your flour, sugar, cocoa and a dash of salt. Set aside
  • 4In a medium sauce pan add your milk and cream just until hot...NOT BOILING.

    Add half of the hot milk and cream into the flour mixture and whisk together. Test with your finger and make sure it's not too hot.
  • 5then add your egg yolks whisking them into the mixture until well blended. (You don't want to cook the eggs so make sure you do not boil your milk)
  • 6Pour the mixture into the other half of your milk you have left in your sauce pan.

    On medium heat stir until really thick, shouldn't take that long but don't leave the pan and don't stop stirring. Nobody likes a lumpy pudding!
  • 7After it gets real thick take off burner and whip in your vanilla extract.

    NOTE: This pudding will be pretty thick, perfect for pie. If you want to make pudding cups then don't cook it as long, as soon as it starts getting thick pour into your serving dishes.
  • 8Pour evenly into your pie shells.
    Let that cool down completely.
    Make your chocolate mousse and spread on your cooled pudding. Let that chill.
    Top with whipped cream, decorations and it you really want to kick it off make some chocolate ganache and pour on top of the whipped cream.

    Don't add the whipped cream until serving.
  • 9Your really going to LOVE this!

    In this photo you will see a wonderful cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate ganache on top! YUMBO!

    I'm taking a culinary pastry course and received an excellent rating on this one! YEA!

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