Southern Classics

Southern Classics
Created August 2013

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch @sugarshack
Fifty recipe classics from the south that are sure to satisfy any southern craving.

Lovingly Compiled by
Gail Welch [sugarshack]

Cover photo: Just Plain Good & Easy Peach Cobbler
on page 28-29

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Gail Welch - Sep 3, 2013
It was my pleasure.
Janet Scott - Sep 2, 2013
Thank you sweetie for including my deep dish apple pie! Beautiful book! HUGZA!
Gail Welch - Aug 17, 2013
Thanks and you are welcome, Susan.
Susan Feliciano - Aug 17, 2013
Love the cookbook! Thanks for including my recipe. Hog Jowl and Black Eyed Peas
Gail Welch - Aug 15, 2013
My pleasure Kathleen!
Kathleen Hagood - Aug 15, 2013
Gail, I love southern cooking. Thanks for including my cobbler recipe.
Gail Welch - Aug 12, 2013
Sounds good to me!
Bob Cooney - Aug 12, 2013
Thank you Gail... I thought that might be why... just wanted to make sure... Thanks for all your recipes... Might be time for another " Fireman Bob " recipe... What do you think??? Lol! :)
Gail Welch - Aug 11, 2013
Thank you Debbie. You know I had to include your classic Southern Sweet Tea !
Gail Welch - Aug 11, 2013
Hey Bob! I think the price of the cookbooks is based on the number of pages. Fifty recipes max can go into a book. Several cookbooks have fewer than that making it less expensive. Also, some recipes are very long and may take 3-4 pages for one recipe thus costing more even if it's only 50 recipes in a book. I hope that answers your question. :D
Bob Cooney - Aug 11, 2013
Hello..... I have a question????? What Man doesn't???

I have seen a few " cook books " now for sale... Can anyone tell me why there are different prices on each cook book???? Is it because different number of recipes in each book????
Debby DeRousse - Aug 11, 2013
Thanks for including my recipe Gail! Love the cookbook. this is one I'll have to get!
Gail Welch - Aug 11, 2013
Linda and Jewel,
It was my pleasure to include your recipes in this book. Thanks for sharing with all of us!
Gail Welch - Aug 11, 2013
You are welcome and thank you, Connie. Gotta have potato salad in the south!!
Connie Ottman - Aug 11, 2013
What an awesome cookbook Gail! Love Southern recipes:) Thanks for including my potato salad recipe.