The Soup Queen      of the North!

The Soup Queen of the North!
Created October 2014

Kim Biegacki
By Kim Biegacki @pistachyoo
Born & raised a Northern girl from Ohio I grew up eating soup often for dinner or even for lunch. I still look forward to fall & winter when soups become the perfect meal to serve for the family. We love them so much that we now have an annual soup exchange in the icy cold month of January and all the ladies that attend just love it! It's because of My Little Momma (Jeanie) and her love of soup that I continue in the tradition of enjoying the same. Her favorite soup to make was & still is a simple potato soup which I prefer to have when she makes it "Momma's Way". I love trying new soups along with making the tried and true.

These are 45 soups I've made and are now tried & true for our family & friends. Some are very unique, others comfort soups and some very addictive. But all of them have one thing in common, they all are delicious! I've included 5 different items that we pair up with our homemade soups.
Lovingly Compiled by
Kim Biegacki [pistachyoo]

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Kim Biegacki - over a year ago
Thanks Sharon, yes soups are perfect for the cooler weather...though I love soup all during the year.
Sharon Colyer - over a year ago
My husband & I are also soup lovers! Including, stews! What a wonderful selection of soup recipes, Kim! Great cookbook! :)
Kim Biegacki - over a year ago
Thanks Noreen.....indeed soup can be so good it touches the soul!
Kim Biegacki - over a year ago
Rose, we love your asparagus soup. :-)
Rose Mary Mogan - over a year ago
Wow now that is a collection of Favorite Soups if I ever saw one. Even has one of mine included, thank you Kim. It is a great book.
Nor Mac - over a year ago
Nice book Kim! Soup for the soul. :-)