Depression Era Recipes

Depression Era Recipes
Created July 2012

Penny Hall
By Penny Hall @FantasyFaery54
Lovingly Compiled by
Penny Hall [FantasyFaery54]
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Debby Nelson - Mar 8, 2013
Penny, just discovered you included my recipe for Cranberry Orange Relish. Thanks so much!
Grace Camp - Aug 22, 2012
ty 4 including the recipe by the waltons that i posted. i bought thier christmas cd at the peddlers mall for 1.00 and the recipe was in there. who new?/ ty
Penny Hall - Jul 29, 2012
Thanks Cynthia! Again, download and email to family and friends!
Cynthia Martinez - Jul 29, 2012
Thank you so much for including me in your cookbook. I can tell you this was a hit at Home Depot when my honey took it in.
Karla Everett - Jul 15, 2012
Penny , Thank you for adding my grandma's recipes to your book.
Penny Hall - Jul 7, 2012
I keep reading the recipes for a couple of months, and then come up with new cookbook ideas, and put the best of the best in them. I have created 15 or 16 cookbooks just in the last couple of days. Just finished a gluten free cookbook, and 2 cook books for kids.
Didi Dalaba - Jul 7, 2012
I cannot believe the talent of these amazing cooks here!!! The fact that I'm included blows me away.... thank you so very much for including my recipe!!!
Penny Hall - Jul 7, 2012
You are so welcome Donna. I like creating historical cookbooks, to keep the recipes from being lost.
donna clark - Jul 7, 2012
Thank you Penny for adding my grandmothers recipes to your book.I'm very proud of the recipes that both of my grandmothers passed down to the family.