Pagan Sabbats

Pagan Sabbats
Created August 2012

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart @karlyn255
Decorating a Yule tree, put on some holiday music, light some incense or scented candles, get a pot of herbal tea brewing, and turn it into a ritual of its own. Have on hand some salt, incense, a candle and water.
Bless the tree as follows:
By the powers of earth, I bless this tree,
that it shall remain sacred, a symbol of life, stable and strong in our home throughout the Yule season.
By the powers of air, I bless this tree,
as the cool winter winds blow away the baggage of the old year,
and we welcome the brightness of the new into our hearts and home.
By the powers of fire, I bless this tree,
as the days have gotten shorter, and the nights grown dark,
yet the warmth of the sun is returning, bringing with it life.
By the powers of water, I bless this tree, a gift that it may stay bright and green,so we can enjoy the harmony and peace of Yule.
As you say the blessing, sprinkle the salt around the tree in a circle, smudge with incense, & water the tree. & decorate

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Stormy Stewart - Sep 1, 2012
Linda I just sent you a message
Linda Rupp - Sep 1, 2012
Nice book Stormy, I may have to upgrade to get it. Thanx for using my recipe.
Colleen Sowa - Sep 1, 2012
Very nice book! Thank you for including my recipe! xo
Bonnie . - Aug 31, 2012
Thank you for including my recipe for :