Candle Colors, their energies, and their uses

Stormy Stewart


Candles are a beautiful way to enhance a mood but did you know that like flowers they have intentions and energies that work better when you use them correctly. After reading this you will never just hap-hazzardly light a candle again.


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How to Make Candle Colors, their energies, and their uses


  1. White:

    A balance of all colors; spiritual development; peace & harmony; prayer and thanksgiving; psychic development. cleansing and healing of all kinds; enlightenment and truth seeking; may be used as a booster or a substitute for any candle colors.
  2. Red:

    Sex and attraction; physical health and wellbeing; physical energy; courage; emotions; strength and courage; willpower; increases magnetism in rituals; draws Aries and Mars energy; Represents the element of fire.
  3. Magenta:

    A combination of Red and Violet which oscillates at a very high energy level; energies rituals; draws Scorpio and Pluto energy; represents the element of Fire.
  4. Pink:

    Love and romance; friendship and affection; kindness and generosity; forgiveness; femininity and honor; promotes feminine understanding; draws the energy of Libra and Venus; and represents the element of Air.
  5. Yellow:

    Intellect and study; imagination and mental creativity; communication and mental alertness; boosts memory and concentration; draws the energy of Capricorn and Jupiter; represents the element of Earth.
  6. Pale Green:

    Serenity and harmony; beneficial for faery magic and connecting to the fiery realm; draws the energy of Sagittarius and Jupiter; and represents the element of Fire.
  7. Mid Green:

    Luck and abundance; fertility and growth; boosts financial success; symbolizes rejuvenation; draws Gemini energy and the planet Mercury and represents the element of Air.
  8. Dark Green:

    Used to dispel jealousy, over ambition and distrust; heals emotional wounds left over from being lied to, deceived or betrayed.
  9. Light Blue:

    Corresponds with the throat chakra; promotes, improves and boosts communication of all kinds, including with the spiritual realm; draws the energy of Cancer and the Moon and represents the element of Water.
  10. Mid Blue:

    Truth and wisdom; occult power; masculinity and integrity; promotes male understanding; draws the energy of Aquarius and the planet Uranus; represents the element of Air.
  11. Royal Blue:

    Corresponds with the third eye chakra; psychic and mental protection; good opening the third eye. Promotes loyalty; draws the energy of Pisces and Neptune; and represents the element of Water.
  12. Purple:

    Spiritual understanding, power, and wellbeing; idealism, and psychic manifestation; medium-ship and the dreamscape; draws the energy of Virgo and the planet Mercury, and the element of Earth.
  13. Gold:

    Money and affluence; career and aspirations; justice and fairness; male energy; used to attract the Male God.
  14. Silver:

    Clairvoyance development; astral plane and dreamscape; past lives and memories; female energy; used to attract the Feminine Goddess.
  15. Orange:

    Mood and humor; boosts creativity in all ways; solar energy; ambition and self confidence; Draws the energy of Leo and the Sun; and represents the element of Fire.
  16. Brown:

    Earth magic; animals and nature; promotes connection with the fae; telepathy; Draws Taurus energy and the planet Venus and the element of Earth.
  17. Black:

    Binding and releasing; dispelling negative energies.

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About Candle Colors, their energies, and their uses

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