Edible Flowers ~ Common Name/Botanical Part 1

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A list of flowers, their taste and any precausions. Part 1 of 2

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How to Make Edible Flowers ~ Common Name/Botanical Part 1


  • 1Angelica (Angelica archangelica)
    May be skin allergen to some individuals. Good with fish and the stems are especially popular candied. Tastes like: celery-flavored.
  • 2Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum )
    Tastes like: sweet, anise-like, licorice
  • 3Apple (Malus species)
    Eat in moderation; may contain cyanide precursors. Tastes like: delicate floral flavor
  • 4Arugula (Eruca vesicaria)
    Tastes like: nutty, spicy, peppery flavor
  • 5Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
    Tastes like: different varieties have different milder flavors of the corresponding leaves. Tastes like: lemon, mint.
  • 6Bee Balm (Monarda species)
    Used in place of bergamot to make a tea with a flavor similar to Earl Grey Tea
  • 7Borage (Borago officinalis)
    Taste like: light cucumber flavor.
  • 8Burnet (Sanguisorba minor)
    Tastes like: faint cucumber flavor, very mild.
  • 9Calendula*( Calendula officinalis)
    Tastes like: poor man's saffron, spicy, tangy, peppery, adds a golden hue to foods
  • 10Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) (aka Dianthus)
    Tastes like: spicy, peppery, clove-like
  • 11Chamomile* (Chamaemelum nobile)
    Tastes like: faint apple flavor, good as a tea
  • 12Chicory* (Cichorium intybus)
    Buds can be pickled. Used to make coffee milder
  • 13Chives:( Garden Allium schoenoprasum)
    Tastes like: mild onion flavor.
  • 14Chives: (Garlic Allium tuberosum)
    Tastes like: garlicky flavor
  • 15Chrysanthemum: (Garland* Chrysanthemum coronarium)
    Tastes like: slight to bitter flavor, pungent
  • 16Citrus: (Lemon Citrus limon)
    Tastes like: waxy, pronounced flavor, use sparingly as an edible garnish, good for making citrus waters
  • 17Clover (Trifolium species)
    Raw flowerheads can be difficult to digest.
  • 18Coriander (Coriander sativum)
    Pungent. A prime ingredient in salsa and many Latino and Oriental dishes. Tastes like: Some palates detect a disagreeable soapy flavor while others adore it. .
  • 19Cornflower* (Centaurea cynaus) (aka Bachelor's Buttons)
    Tastes like: sweet to spicy,
  • 20clove-like Dandelion*( Taraxacum officinalis)
    Tastes like: very young buds fried in butter taste similar to mushrooms. Makes a potent wine.
  • 21Day Lily (Hemerocallis species)
    Many Lilies (Lillium species) contain alkaloids and are NOT edible. Daylillies may act as a laxative. Tastes like: sweet, crunchy, like a crisp lettuce leaf, faintly like chestnuts or beans
  • 22Dill (Anthum graveolens )
    used in pickles and dishes
  • 23English (Daisy* Bellis perennis)
    Tastes like: tangy, leafy

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