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Nancy Allen - Nov 12, 2013
Hi Christine, Had to add your beautiful Strawberry cake. Thanks for posting it! 8)
christine greer - Nov 6, 2013
Love it! Thank you for adding my cake :-)
Nancy Allen - Jun 21, 2013
Hi Kelly, The summer is a good time to try these recipes out and that includes your good "Wicked Wench" cake! (Love the name) 8)
Kelly Lollman - Jun 20, 2013
Hi Nancy! What a great collection! Gonna have to try these throughout the summer. Thank you very much for including my "Wicked Wench" recipe. Enjoy!
Nancy Allen - Jun 6, 2013
Janet, Wendy, Carol, Ellen & Jewell, & Kathy, Thanks Ladies for the outstanding cake recipes they are keepers! God Bless!
Kathy Sterling - Jun 5, 2013
I could eat all these great desserts! Thanks for the cookbook including my recipe for my Buttery Pineapple and Coconut cake, a good family favorite. Enjoy!
Ellen Bales - Jun 5, 2013
Thank you so much, Nancy, for including my Maple Upside Down Cake and my friend Jewell's Hummingbird Cake. Your cookbook is awesome!
Carol Perricone - Jun 5, 2013
Hi Nancy,
What a great collection of desserts under one cover!! Thanks for including my Chocolate Mousse Cake. I'm thrilled. Good Job!! :)
Wendy Rusch - Jun 5, 2013
Thank You Nancy for including my Maple Blondie Extreme in your cookbook! Such an honor when that happens! Happy Baking!!! :o)
Janet Scott - Jun 5, 2013
"GREAT cookbook" Your so sweet! Thank you so much for adding my cake :) HUGS!