Home Canned

Home Canned
Created July 2012

Penny Hall
By Penny Hall @FantasyFaery54
Lovingly Compiled by
Penny Hall [FantasyFaery54]

Home Canned Goods by JAP members.

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Cynthia Rivers Martinez - Jul 29, 2012
They are all my husbands co-workers and I only cook for them. It makes my husband so proud to take in my stuff and it just be gone and people wanting more. The peppers and the salsa are the hardest to keep because they know you made a bunch.
Penny Hall - Jul 29, 2012
Thanks Cynthia! You can download, and then email to your friends at Home Depot!
Cynthia Rivers Martinez - Jul 29, 2012
Thank you again for including me in your cookbook. Again everyone at Home Depot begs for this.
Penny Hall - Jul 7, 2012
Your welcome Karla!
Karla Everett - Jul 7, 2012
Penny , thanks for including several of my recipes and my tips. Great book , I downloaded it too. :D
Penny Hall - Jul 7, 2012
Thanks Stormy, Kim, and Kathleen. I used to can foods, but since my kids have gone on as adults, and just me here, I don't do that anymore. But, the memories are still cherished.
Kathleen Hagood - Jul 7, 2012
Penny, I think home canned foods are so much prettier in the pantry than the store bought, and of course, I feel they are healthier and better tasting too. I feel honored to have my two jams and margarita jelly included in your book. Thanks!
Kim Biegacki - Jul 6, 2012
Penny, just beautiful! I love all those canned goods. I myself, am getting addicted to canning. I love seeing my jams in there too. :-)
Stormy Stewart - Jul 6, 2012
How wonderful and few of mine in there as well, thank you I just downloaded it