Easiest Pumpkin Butter

cin Rafter


This has been shared and tested to be a very tastey treat and best on nut breads!

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1 Hr
10 Hr


1 medium
pumpkin or winter squash about soccer ball size
4 c
3 Tbsp
pumkin pie spice
1 medium
crock pot


1Scrub and cut the pumkin in half and seed. Place pumkin skin side down on a baking sheet and back for about 25 minutes at 325 deg. I add a bit of water on the cookie sheet to keep the pumkin from drying out.
2Next, place sugar and pumkin pie spice in the crock pot and turn on high.
3When pumkin is cool enough to handle, scoop the meat out and mash. Add to the crock pot and mix. No need to completly wear you self out. Mixing will be easier when the mixure starts cooking down.
4After about 2 hours, stir the mixure and lower temp. to low. Cook over night.
5Now the butter is ready to place in hot clean pint jars with hot seals and rings. Label and let set until you hear the rings pop to sucure seal.

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