Moms, Grandmas, & Great Aunts

Moms, Grandmas, & Great Aunts
Created July 2014

Susan Feliciano
By Susan Feliciano @frenchtutor
Lovingly Compiled by
Susan Feliciano from Recipes passed down from
All the Best Cooks of the Family

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Susan Feliciano - Jul 14, 2014
Nancy, thank you for your kind comments. I'm still wearing the hats!

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Susan Feliciano - Jul 14, 2014
Debbie: After I cook something and haven't written it down, I go back over it in my mind, seeing every step, and then I write it down that way. Experienced cooks, bakers, chefs - they know whether they used 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup of something, or 1 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon of something else. So that usually works for me when I want to capture a recipe. That's what I had to do with some of my "Grandma" and "Great Aunt" recipes, because I only had my memory of watching them cook when I was a teenager and a young bride. But using the basics of good cooking skills, I am able to replicate recipes.

What's really fun is trying to replicate the seasoning palate of a tasty dish I have at a restaurant. I'm pretty good with picking out what spices were used. Sometimes I ask the server what's in the dish, but most of the time I'm answered with "that's the chef's secret." So I'm left to my own devices.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 12, 2014
AS usual you have great recipes...
and cookbooks.
Love the cover!!!
And your beautiful hats!!!
Hugs, Nancy...7/12/14
Kathy W - Jul 12, 2014
Great cookbook! Some delicious looking recipes for me to check out! Thanks for sharing.
Debbie Kirk - Jul 12, 2014
I am afraid I haven't added very many of my own recipes. Being a 25 year pastry chef, most of my recipes are huge. Though I love to cook I always forget to write down what I cook. I drive my husband crazy because he says let's have this again and I have no idea what I did. You know a pinch of this and a splash of that. LOL When I owned my Bakeries a had an assistant who followed behind me and wrote everything down. Now that I am retired I just don't think about what I put in a dish until it is done. I need to discipline myself a little and keep and pad and pen handy. Have a great day!
Susan Feliciano - Jul 12, 2014
Thank you, Debbie, you are just so kind! I love writing down recipes from cooks who have gone on. Now that I'm on Just A Pinch, I can save them for posterity. I will look into some of your recipes, too. We all have much to give. Happy cooking!
I'm making the Boston Brown Bread right now. Doing it in little loaf pans because I don't have 3 hours to watch it steaming. But I wanted some baked beans for supper tonight, so I thought I'd make it.
Debbie Kirk - Jul 12, 2014
Susan, you are my favorite cook on JAP. Thanks for sharing more of your special family recipes. You are so lucky to have them. I never had any aunts or grandmothers to had down any recipes. So Iam enjoying your families favorites. Thanks again. Debbie