Meat Breakfast Recipes

Sausage Gravy Recipe

Sausage Gravy

By Melanie B

This recipe was originally posted by TheSweetestPea on but it is exactly how I have...

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Egg in a muffin hole Recipe

Egg in a muffin hole

By Lynn Socko

The first time I tried this I figured the muffin would end up hard, but just...

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Awesome Country Fried Steak & Eggs Recipe

Awesome Country Fried Steak & Eggs

By Andy Anderson

Okay, here comes the breakfast of champions. I love country-fried steak, and when you combine it...

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Bacon Breakfast Bake Recipe

Bacon Breakfast Bake

By Pauline Greenwood

This is perfect for when you're in the mood for a heavier, stick-to-the-ribs breakfast.

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