Chili Recipes

Bea's Taco Soup Recipe


By Bea L.
My goodness this is good stuff! My sister introduced this to me & my family is...

Chicken Fiesta Chili Mac Recipe

Chicken Fiesta chili mac

By Debra Russell
What flavors fill your mouth in this.The chips just add more and work good as spoons,lol.

Award Winning Chili Recipe

Award Winning Chili

By Judi Harris-Nulle
At the last minute, I decided to enter the Montana Wild West Fest Chili Cook-off on...

Super Easy 3 Bean Crockpot Chili Recipe

Super Easy 3 Bean Crockpot Chili

By Pam Snyder
Another low point but satisfying weight watchers chili. My sister passed this recipe on to me....

Jeanne's Chili Verde Recipe

Jeanne's Chili Verde

By Jeanne Benavidez
This is a great recipe to have expecially in cooler weather. It can be served with...