Created March 2015

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
These recipes will knock
your socks off !

Please try a couple, and rate
the JAP cook.

Cookbook Compiled by
Nancy J. Patrykus

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Straws Kitchen - over a year ago
I tried a couple time to look through it and my computer keeps freezing. Guess I'll try another day♥
Ellen Bales - over a year ago
Thanks much, Nancy, for including my Lemon-Poppy Seed Coffee Cake in your new cookbook! I'm honored to be among so many "scratch" cooks!
Andy Anderson ! - over a year ago
You're a cookbook creating machine... wonderful...

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

"ROASTED PUMPKIN" CHIFFON PIE from scratch 1950 5 min. from scratch Chocolate Pie & Pudding! Angel Food Cake from Scratch- Gandma's ARIZONA COWBOY BEANS - from scratch Banana Cake From Scratch- Old Family Recipe BANANA CREAM PIE (Dulce de Leche) from scratch Banana Pudding from Scratch BASIC YELLOW CAKE MADE FROM SCRATCH BEEF BONES VEGETABLE SOUP.. from scratch Brownies from Scratch Buttermilk Pancakes from Scratch Butterscotch Pumpkin Monkey Bread from Scratch Caramel-Pecan Cinnamon Rolls From Scratch Cheesy Pico de Gallo hash browns CHOCOLATE WHIPPED CREAM PIE .. from scratch Cornbread from Scratch Delicious Strawberry Cake {from scratch} Easy Chewy Fudge Brownies From Scratch Eclairs from Scratch English Muffins from scratch Fluffy Pancakes from Scratch From scratch breakfast sausage From Scratch Cinnamon Yeast Rolls FROM SCRATCH LEMON-POPPY SEED COFFEE CAKE Fully Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookies from Scratch Grandma Lewis Scratch Noodles Grandma's Made From Scratch Strawberry Pie Home Made Chocolate Brownies- From Scratch Homemade Biscuits from Scratch Homemade Shrimp Gumbo From Scratch Macaroni and Cheese from Scratch Made From Scratch Banana Pudding MADE FROM SCRATCH VANILLA CAKE Mandarin Orange Cake - From Scratch Melt in your Mouth Gram's Scratch Biscuits Mexican brownies from scratch Mom's Chicken Scratch Mom's Chocolate Scratch Mocha Layered Cake Moms Sloppy Joe's made from scratch MY GRANDMOTHER'S BANANA PUDDIN FROM SCRATCH Peanut Butter Pie - From Scratch - Cass's Potato Soup, Quick and Easy and Still from Scratch . puff pastery from scratch Quick and Easy From Scratch Blueberry Muffins SCRATCH GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE Strawberry cake from scratch Strawberry Cake from Scratch Tunna Noodle Casserole from Scratch White Castle Casserole from Scratch Yummy Chili Dog from Scratch