Your's  Mine  And  Our's   Salads

Your's Mine And Our's Salads
Created August 2012

Doris Ware
By Doris Ware @dinkymax
Lovingly Compiled by
Doris Ware [dinkymax]

This Book Of Salads Is For My Mom Tressie Leona ( Lively ) Harrell
And Daughter Jo Ann And My Sons , Robert,Dale , Charles ,( To Travis Cody, Thank You Son For The Picture Of Grand Canyon Park.) Thank You To All Of You For Your Recipes On Just A Pinch. My Kids Are ! Salad' To My Salad Eaters. Love From Your Mom

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Doris Ware - Aug 26, 2013
Thank You For Your Salad Recipe. Yes This Is The Site To Be On The Best On
The Web. I Live In Oklahoma In A Tiny Little Town And A Safe Town.
Victoria Whitfield - Aug 14, 2013
Thank You so much for including my recipe in your book :) It is certainly an honor to be a member of such a tasteful site.
Doris Ware - Oct 13, 2012
Thank You Sandy ! Hope You Enjoy My Book .
Lori Roggenbuck - Sep 26, 2012
Thank you for sharing my fruit salad recipe. My mom will love it! Mom's Best Marshmallow & Coconut Fruit Salad
Sandy Williams - Aug 21, 2012
Thank you for adding my Salad to your book. I saved your book and going to try some of these.
Doris Ware - Aug 18, 2012
Thank You Again! For The Potato Salad That I Used. Doris
Irisa Raina 9 - Aug 18, 2012
Doris you are very welcome....we love potato salad here too, and I try to make it different each time I make it!
Hope you have a magical day!
Doris Ware - Aug 18, 2012
Thank You For The Recipe Irisa ! Thank You To Freda Because I Love Potato Salad's Of All Kinds Of It. Yes All My Kids Always Had Their Salad's Of Kinds.
FREDA GABLE - Aug 17, 2012
Thanks Doris for adding the Potato Salad of Mine that Serves 100.

LI really like the Introduction page, that was Nice to Read.
Never thought of My kids as being Salad. . . !!
Irisa Raina 9 - Aug 17, 2012
Doris I love the name of this book! Thank you so much for adding my recipe... Party potato salad "hope that is the right link " the ol' eyes just don't work like they use to!