Cookies, Candies & Creams

Cookies, Candies & Creams
Created January 2014

Cassie *
By Cassie * @1lovetocook1x
Lovingly Compiled by
Cassie - [1lovetocook1x]

Dedicated to my three favorites sweeties.

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Cassie * - Jan 9, 2014
It's a wickedly good dessert better have some help eating it, as it's a bowl!
Cassie * - Jan 9, 2014
So glad you're enjoying the cookbooks Carol...glad the formats working for you...thanks for your wonderful comments...hugs!!
P B - Jan 9, 2014
LOl ;D I know it Looks So Dangerously Tempting!!!!! :o}
Carol * - Jan 9, 2014
I am soooo pleased to see all these wonderful recipes...have printed many of them but this format is super!! Keep em coming dear girl...I know you have a treasure trove of them!! (((Cassie)))
Cassie * - Jan 8, 2014
You will love it Paula...all things in! I remember having a small dish of it, then said this has to leave the!
P B - Jan 8, 2014
RE: "Cover Pic" that's the recipe that has been in the back of my mind haven't got around to making it but, I will.. Really!!! ;D