Other Snack Recipes

Savory Apple Pinwheels Recipe

Savory Apple Pinwheels

By Melissa Baldan
Everytime I make these they are the first appetizer that is gone. They are absolutly delish!

Chocolate Whoopie Donna's Way Recipe

Chocolate Whoopie Donna's Way

By Donna Roth
This is a soft double chocolate sandwich cookie on STEROIDS! (kinda like an Oreo Cakester,...

Sugar Packed Pickles Recipe


By Bea L.
This is my husband's grandmother's recipe, which was probably handed down to her. I've been making these...

Bacon Brownies Recipe

Bacon Brownies

By Christine Fernandez
My friend Cindy told about these brownies late one night. She had seen a similar dessert...

The Best Ever Croutons Recipe

The Best Ever Croutons

By Kim Biegacki
These croutons are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and the best I've...

Angel Delights Recipe

Angel Delights

By Sue Hayes
I found this recipe on delish.com it sounded so quick and easy and oh ya, yummy...