Quick & Easy Other Main Course Recipes

"Zoodle" Cacio e Pepe

By Krista Towns
So what to do with those gigantic zucchini you may find hidden in your garden this...

Slow Cooker Fajitas

By Melissa Lewis
Wonderful for dinner when you are on the run!

Original Coney Island Chili

Since most hot dog vendors use a canned version of this magical condiment, this recipe will...

Bratwurst & Pierogies in Honey Mustard Sauce

By Amy H.
I saw a similar recipe in a magazine for grilled kielbasa and pierogi with caramelized onions,...

Coconut Rice

By Joan Hunt
No opening the pan to look at your rice, touch it or anything. This is an amazingly...

Baked Mac and Cheese for One

By Sue Lally
Cooking for one can be a challenge. No matter how much I like something, I don't...

Kroketten (Dutch Croquettes)

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
These were one of my favorite treats in Holland and they have vending machines in the...

Alfredo Stromboli

By angla vancil
This is a quick easy go to meal that you can literaly add a variety of...

Cube Steak Parmesan Over Spaghetti

By Michael Jordan
A true Italian palate pleaser... So simple to make and can be altered to anyone's tastebuds.

Corn Beef Stir Fry

By Pat Duran
This is another quick and easy recipe . Great anytime of the year.Works well with ground...

Fried Rice From Leftovers

By Jane Whittaker
I have been making this for close to 30 years now and everything is in quantities...

Turkey Hot Dogs Sweet and Sour

By Pat Duran
Turkey dogs, turkey sausage, hot dogs of any style. can be used in this tantalizing...

Chinese Stir-Fry Vegetables

By Jeanne Benavidez
This recipe is from my sister-in-law, Judy. She sent me several healthy recipes after I had...

Rice with Bacon and Mushrooms

By Pat Duran
This side dish adds good taste to any main course, especially beef. Try it once and...

Oriental Stuff

By Tammy Brownlow
Crazy good comfort food. My parents started making this when my father was stationed in...

Yummy BLT Sandwich

By Carol Perricone
The traditional sandwich of summer (my opinion) lol


By Gin Acosta
My latest creation! It's delicious! I created it as a vegetarian meal, but you...


By louise savelsberg
Made this up last night, it is to die for.......

Beef / Vegetables and Rice

By Pat Duran
This recipe will have them coming back for seconds for sure! I made this tantalizing meal in...

Bar B Q Chicken Quesadillas

By Pat Duran
These were so good..our son was here for lunch and said,"I usually don't like Honey...

Mom's Hominy Casserole

By Erin McGowen
A recipe from my mother. I am not a fan of hominy myself, but this...

Stir-Fried Rice

By Julia Ferguson
When I made this Stir-Fried Rice the Hubs could not stop talking about how tasty this...

Spicy Chicken, Zucchini and Cashews w/orange glaze

By C.S. Weaver
An extra special way to use up leftover chicken and that crop of zucchini! Note: If you...

~ Simple Pleasures Chicken Marsala ~

By Cassie *
One of my favorite quick meals to prepare. Cut down chicken preparation by doing ahead and...
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