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Chicken Salad

Add a little comfort to your day by mixing up one of these easy and delicious chicken salad recipes.

Orange Chicken Salad in a serving bowl.

Orange Chicken Salad

This is lovely for a light supper at the end of a summer's day as ...
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Hot Chicken Salad ready to serve.

Hot Chicken Salad

Cathie Valentine avatar
By Cathie Valentine
My mom gave me this recipe when I got married in 1984. A few years ...
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Kat's Southwest Chicken Salad sandwich on a plate.

Kat's Southwest Chicken Salad

Kathleen Hagood avatar
By Kathleen Hagood
My husband and I love spicy foods, so I made up a chicken salad recipe ...
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Walnut and Grape Chicken Salad Supreme on a croissant.

Walnut And Grape Chicken Salad Supreme

Heidi Peltier avatar
By Heidi Peltier
My son and roommates love this recipe, especially on a croissant.
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Chicken Salad Waldorf Wannabe ready to be served.

Chicken Salad Waldorf Wannabe

Janette Suber avatar
By Janette Suber
First let me say, this is a very unconventional chicken salad. It may not sound ...
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A bowl of Chicken Pasta Salad with crumbled bacon on the side.

Chicken Pasta Salad

Dana Hayden, M.Ed. avatar
By Dana Hayden, M.Ed.
Bacon adds even more flavor to this recipe I came up with to use up ...
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Two plates of Deluxe Honey Pecan Chicken Salad.

Deluxe Honey Pecan Chicken Salad

Debbie Quimby avatar
By Debbie Quimby
Another one of those recipes that I have to keep copies of on hand because ...
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Lizzy's Famous Pecan Chicken Salad on a sandwich.

Lizzy's Famous Pecan Chicken Salad

Elizabeth Lancaster avatar
By Elizabeth Lancaster
Back in the early 2000's I went out to eat with my Grandpa Klepper, and ...
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A bowl of Chicken Salad With Fresh Peaches with crackers.

Chicken Salad With Fresh Peaches

Gretchen *** avatar
By Gretchen ***
Instead of the usual grapes and celery, try some fresh peaches and cucumber in chicken ...
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Susan's Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta Salad in a serving bowl.

Susan's Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta Salad

Susan Din avatar
By Susan Din
My family loves this yummy salad. It's similar to La Madeleine's Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta ...
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A bowl of Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

Robin Dextradeur avatar
By Robin Dextradeur
As everyone has a different taste, you can change this up and use blue cheese ...
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A bowl of Fabulous Chicken Salad with grapes and crackers.

Fabulous Chicken Salad

Stacey Vadas avatar
By Stacey Vadas
We all LOVE chicken salad on croissants in my house. Over the years, and with ...
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A bowl of Fruity Nutty Chicken Salad.

Fruity Nutty Chicken Salad

Gordon Savell avatar
By Gordon Savell
Every time someone new tries it, I have a new fan. My sister and I ...
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Uncle Wiley's Chicken Salad was pinched from <a" class="w-100 rounded-top border-bottom fade-img rcp" />

Uncle Wiley's Chicken Salad

Debbie Burbank avatar
By Debbie Burbank
My Uncle Wiley lives in Winter Haven Florida. We try to visit him a couple ...
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Chicken Waldorf salad on a plate.

Chicken Waldorf Salad

Marlene Fields avatar
By Marlene Fields
My husband and I both love this as a main dish salad. What could be ...
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A bowl of cold chicken salad.

Cold Chicken Salad

Lonna Weidemann avatar
By Lonna Weidemann
I make this ahead of time for camping. It is easy to dish up.
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Red White And Blue Chicken Salad By Eddie

Eddie Jordan avatar
By Eddie Jordan
This chicken salad is great for lunch, dinner or a midnight snack. It's good anytime.
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Chunky White Meat Chicken Salad, a quick and easy lunch idea, served with crackers or on your favorite sliced bread. I like a fresh squeeze of lemon on mine.

Chunky White Meat Chicken Salad

Rose Mary Mogan avatar
By Rose Mary Mogan
I needed something to make for my husbands lunch & was out of lunch meat. ...
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Curried Chicken Salad

Anthony Nicometi Jr avatar
By Anthony Nicometi Jr
Last year in my Culinary classes, I opted to come back for our open house. ...
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very yummy :)

Curried Chicken Salad

Lora DiGs avatar
By Lora DiGs
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Asian Chicken Salad

Asian Chicken Salad

Geri Faas avatar
By Geri Faas
This is my go to salad when I'm trying to lose weight. It's got ...
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This is popular with the ladies.  However, my husband is fond of it also as we like the combination of chicken and avocadoes.

Poppyseed Chicken Salad

Sena Wilson avatar
By Sena Wilson
This recipe is a favorite among my friends. Whether it is for bridge day ...
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Company Chicken Salad

Marsha Gardner avatar
By Marsha Gardner
My Aunt Arlyne gave me this recipe. The first time I remember eating it ...
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Delicious and healthy chicken salad sandwich.

Gail's Chicken Salad

Gail Koskie avatar
By Gail Koskie
This is a healthy chicken salad I ate almost everyday for 3 months. I hoped ...
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