Seafood Appetizer Recipes

A platter of Game Day Fire Cracker Shrimp.

Game Day Fire Cracker Shrimp

Large shrimp dredge in season flour before frying, it adds an extra dimension of crispiness ...

Thai Dim Sum Scallops

This sauce is so good. Serve some bread to sop it up or just drink ...

A bowl of Crab-Artichoke Dip with pita chips.

Crab-Artichoke Dip

A co-worker brought an extra dish of this into the office a few months back ...

A platter of Crab Balls.

Crab Balls

These baked crab balls are super easy to make, and are a fun dish to ...

Crab Salad Cheese Ball on a plate with crackers.

Crab Salad Cheese Ball or Spread

When I made the Open-Faced Crab Salad Sandwiches for my husband and son, I had ...

Cream Cheese Shrimp Cocktail on a Plate

Creamy Shrimp Cocktail on a Plate

This recipe has evolved over the years. Back in the 80s when invited to a ...

A platter of Crab Rangoon With a Simple Plum Sauce.

Crab Rangoon With a Simple Plum Sauce

My best appetizer (so I'm told). It's quick, fun, and very tasty.

Sop It Up Shrimp Boil

I'm not all that sure of the amounts, because on beach vacays we basically throw ...

Spicy Grilled Shrimp Tacos on a plate.

Spicy Grilled Shrimp Taco

Ditch the jalapeno and garnish with avocado or mango salsa for a less spicy twist.

So yummy

Spread Essentials: Sardine Pâté

I had a fond memory the other day… sitting opposite my father in the kitchen ...

Zippy Shrimp Remoulade Platter.

Zippy Shrimp Remoulade Platter

Most people think of cocktail sauce when serving a shrimp platter. Remoulade sauce is a ...

Jen's Eastern Shore Herbed Shrimp Cakes on a platter.

Jen's Eastern Shore Herbed Shrimp Cakes

This recipe is very special to me - as this recipe was also picked and ...

Sliced Crab Appetillas on a platter.

Crab Appetillas

These are a tasty treat. I'm always asked for the recipe when I serve these!

An easy to make appetizer recipe that is always a hit with family and friends. The slightly spicy sweet Asian sauce takes these Bacon Wrapped Shrimp off the charts.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

These amazing Bacon Wrapped Shrimp are baked with a sweet and spicy Asian based glaze ...

Ceviche Salad in an avocado half on a plate.

Ceviche Salad

I had this dish several years ago at a restaurant that we visited on our ...

Three stuffed clams with a lemon wedge on a plate.

Clams Casino

Perfect to serve for any occasion, these little guys will surely please everyone!

Ready to serve!  Tails removed - My Way!

Shrimp Cocktail ~ My Way!

My Way! means, the shrimp are wild caught, they are peeled, deveined, and the tails ...

Shrimp Cocktail with the Flavors of Mexico

Such a simple recipe, but so flavorful. A great appetizer for any Mexican-style meal.

So yummy

Seafood Essentials: Simple Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

A simple recipe, using simple ingredients to produce some tasty shrimp. Easy/Peasy to make, and using ...

Baked Crab Party Dip with scallions on top.

Baked Crab Party Dip

Easy crowd-pleaser that looks and smells as luscious as it tastes. I use imitation crab ...

New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp in a cast iron skillet.

New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp

Shrimp isn't grilled or in traditional BBQ sauce, but that's what they call it in ...

Garlic Shrimp

Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo) are a classic Spanish tapas dish. Succulent shrimp in ...

Hermit Crab-Stuffed Cave Mushrooms - FallOut Vault

This is yet another delicious recipe from my nephew Rhyan's Fallout Cookbook. They initially called ...