Chili Recipes

Chili casserole Recipe

Chili casserole

By A D

An extrapolated tamale pie. This is easy, can be frozen, makes a substantial meal, and...

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Vegan Green Chili Recipe

Vegan Green Chili

Wendi Giles
By Wendi Giles

I love to play around with food and try new things. One day in the kitchen...

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White Bean Chicken Chili Recipe

White Bean Chicken Chili

Cathi Larson
By Cathi Larson

Good week night dinner. It's quick and easy. I usually serve it with rice and a...

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Quick and Easy Chili Recipe

Quick and Easy Chili

Karen Overton
By Karen Overton

Feel free to adjust the quantities of the seasonings to your taste. Also,if you use...

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Chili Chicken Recipe

Chili Chicken

Lyda Kelly
By Lyda Kelly

My family loves this because its fast and easy to make. and it goes a...

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Smoky Sweet BBQ sauce Recipe

Smoky Sweet BBQ sauce

Stephanie Heitmeier
By Stephanie Heitmeier

The ancho, chocolate and pumpkin make this sauce sweet, smoky and a little bit spicy.

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