Chili Recipes

Chili Recipe


By Natalie Douglass
My husband loves to eat this chili with shredded cheese and crackers... no spoon required! I have...

Texas Chili Recipe


By ketti baehr
My mom came across this recipe years ago and has been a favorite since..serve with aunt...

White Chicken Chili Recipe

White Chicken Chili

By Karly H
being from louisiana, we likeour food a little spicy. if you want to tone it down...

Chili Recipe


By Jane Garner
I recently changed my chili recipe to this one and my husband announced that this was...

Rob's Down South Chili Recipe

Rob's Down South Chili

By Robert Priddy
This recipe will make a mess of chili and real good eats. I've added different ingredients...

Easy Chicken Chili Recipe

Easy Chicken Chili

By Lillian Russo
So easy and flavorful because of the six simple spices. This is a mild chili. Add...

Green Chili Rice Recipe

Green Chili Rice

By Lynn Garsha
I can even get my daughter who hates rice to eat this. Serve with Enchilidas, tacos...

Coney Island Sauce Recipe

Coney Island Sauce

By Kyra Brier
This is a topping for hot dogs and burgers. This message as made by my grandma....