Blue Ribbon Vegetable Recipes

Eating your veggies has never tasted so good! Browse this collection of deliciously creative side dish recipes featuring vegetables of all kinds.


Honey Roasted Carrots Recipe

Honey Roasted Carrots

By debbie lopez

This is best with really young fresh small carrots. Small young carrots do not need peeling,...

Bea's Baked Cabbage Recipe

Bea's Baked Cabbage

By Bea L.

We love cabbage here at this household. My friend, Rudy, had the best cabbage I had...



By sallye bates

Good served as a side dish with just about anything, but especially with fish (I think).

Cinnamon & Cumin Carrots Recipe

Cinnamon & Cumin Carrots

By Andy Anderson !

With colder weather on the way, it’s nice to have some comforting side dishes that are...

Country Fried Cauliflower Recipe

Country Fried Cauliflower

By Sena Wilson

We are always looking for various recipes for fresh vegetables, and cauliflower is one of them....

Mixed Greens Recipe

Mixed Greens

By Faye Patterson

This is a dead-ringer for the recipe a local restaurant makes. A great side for...