Appetizer Recipes


Chicken Pot Pie Muffins Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie Muffins

Adriana Torres
By Adriana Torres

I made individual chicken pot pies with every intention to eat a single serving, however, after...

Giuseppe Pepperoni Rolls Recipe

"Giuseppe" Pepperoni Rolls

Megan Todd
By Megan Todd

I had this whole story typed out about this awesome pepperoni roll I ate as a...

Southwest Chicken Chimichanga Recipe

Southwest Chicken Chimichanga

Geoffry Le Cher
By Geoffry Le Cher

These are EXCELLENT football food items, and since they are so easy to prepare, you won't...

Mama's Deviled Eggs Recipe

Mama's Deviled Eggs

Eva Marion
By Eva Marion

This recipe is one my Mom taught me years ago. Not your standard Deviled Eggs...

Greek Bruschetta Recipe

Greek Bruschetta

Letizia Tripp
By Letizia Tripp

i made this recipe up and it's so good , different from the italian one and...

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Jessie Adams
By Jessie Adams

This is a great hit at parties...serve or bring it one time, and people will keep...

Chestnut Hors'd'oeurves Recipe

Chestnut Hors'd'oeurves

Mikki Miller
By Mikki Miller

Everytime I bring these to a gathering I also bring along several copies of this recipe...

St. John's Dip Recipe

St. John's Dip

Paige Nicholas
By Paige Nicholas

My mother taught me to make this dish when I was ten, around 1971. It's easy...

Ham Delights Recipe

Ham Delights

Stefanie Wilson
By Stefanie Wilson

These are always a huge hit!! You could add some chopped onion if you wanted....

Reuben Dip Recipe

Reuben Dip

Goldie Barnhart
By Goldie Barnhart

My favorite sandwich is a nice Reuben sandwich. Why not combine this into a dip. Enjoy...