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Cheesy Tomato Toast

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By Lora DiGs
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Soft Parmesan Cheese Toast

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By Chandra Curtis
This is so easy to do and so good that my family makes sure that ...

Egg Sandwich With Spiced Sautéed Onions

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By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
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Hen In A Nest

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By Linda Kauppinen
This is a simple way to get your toast and eggs together in one pan. ...
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Good ol' poached eggs on toast

Good Ol' Poached Eggs On Toast

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By Ellen Gwaltney Bales
As I was making this for breakfast this morning it occurred to me that there ...
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Simple French Toast

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By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This is simple and delicious morning treat for the whole family to enjoy!
Taste even better than it smells!

Baked Apple Cinnamon French Toast

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By A Q
Make this the night before you want to serve this, and save yourself the hassle ...
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Overnight Spice French Toast Bake

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By Katherine Fordyce
I was looking around for a good and easy morning casserole. I did some fiddling ...
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Cinnamon Roll French Toast

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By Cassie *
This was breakfast this morning...a must try!!...your home will smell fantastic as this yummy dish ...
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Caramel Banana Stuffed French Toast

Caramel And Banana Stuffed French Toast

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By Sandra Allen
Every since I saw this on a cooking show, I dreamed of making it. I ...
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The BEST Stuffed French Toast

The Best Stuffed French Toast

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By Colette Z
Breakfast on the weekends is a special occasion, like a vacation at home, because it ...
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Pesto Cheesy Toast

Cheesy Pesto Toast

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By Sandra Allen
This isn't a major recipe but I discovered it tonight while I just wanted something ...
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Amtrack French toast.

Train Dining Car French Toast

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By Bonnie Beck
I think this must come from the Union Pacific Railroad. My cousin Maxine gave ...
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Apple Pie-riccotta Toast

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By Anna B.
This recipe gives an apple pie a healthy makeover! It replaces refined sugars, unhealthy fats, ...
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Banana Stuffed French Toast

Banana Stuffed French Toast

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By Michelle Bates-Phipps
I love creating new recipes. I usually base what I am making on what I ...
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Colorful and delicious

Spicy Sausage Pasta

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By Patricia Hanson
I use Butterball Turkey smoked sausage, and to save time, you could use frozen onions. ...
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Stuffed French Toast

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By Sabrina Nichols
Yes I did get the Ideal of rolling the bread flat and cream cheese filling, ...
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You can eat it with or without toasts

French Toast With A Piquant Carrot

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By Val Yab
This is a very good spicy appetizer, which you can do for your usual dinner ...
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French Toast Muffins

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By Kitchen Crew
Who doesn't love French Toast? Did you know it also comes in muffin form? 2 ...
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Peach Orange Pineapple Cherry Jam

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By Family Favorites
What could be better than peaches, oranges, pineapples and cherries?? JAM! =) I just love this ...
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Photo By: Taste of Home

Swedish Limpa Rye Bread

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By Family Favorites
Just a little different than your normal caraway rye with a hint of anise. Not ...
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Photo by Huffington Post

Cinnamon, Honey And Orange Butters

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By Family Favorites
A friend of mine who owned a wonderful restaurant always served her guests a wonderful ...
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Just White Peachy (keen) Butter!

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By TJ Fields
white Peach Butter Recipe from generations down, with a modern twist! Great breakfast topper on ...
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Judy Grube's White Bread

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By Linda Kauppinen
This recipe is from a family friend who passed on years back. It is ...
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